Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MAC Twist Of Tartan Eyeshadow Palette - Review and Swatches!

Hi guys, so I'm back with this review of a gorgeous MAC eyeshadow palette from their limited edition Tartan Tale range (which I believe you can still track down on eBay if you want.) This one is the 6 Twists Of Tartan one and I have to say, I really like it for the colours and quality of the eyeshadows!

All the compacts have different colour themes on the front. I absolutely adore the packaging for this one though; the green, red and golden yellow are so traditional looking yet edgy. The gold MAC logo is so cool, and so sophisticated.

The box clasps firmly shut, which is brilliant because I love to carry eyeshadow palettes around in my bag and hate when they accidentally open because their clasp isn't very secure (think the magnets on the Naked Palette). On the reverse side of the box is the name of the palette and the names of the shades.

Opening up the palette we can see 6 beautiful shades of eyeshadow, all in keeping with the colour theme on the front of the box. The shades are (top L to R) Lady's Prance, Rolled Gold, High Spirits, (bottom L to R) Vainglorious, Set To Dance and Bows and Curtseys.

The shades, like in most palettes, run from lightest to darkest. The palette also comes with a small brush, however I usually stay away from the brushes in these tiny palettes because they're never much use to me. Even so, it is kind of a nice touch to include a little brush.

Lady's Prance: A beautiful creamy off-white matte shade of eyeshadow. Perfect for an understated inner corner and brow bone highlight. 
Rolled Gold: A lustre finish eyeshadow with a lovely shimmer when on the skin (see swatch below). A true, polished gold colour.
High Spirits: A fresh, summery, cool green with a frost finish which gives off a subtle shimmer in the light. This isn't a shade I would typically pick but it will definitely give me some inspiration for garden themed looks.
Vainglorious: The most intense and rich burgundy/maroon shade with a frost finish which gives it a glamourous sheen. This is the perfect shade to put a spin on your everyday smokey eye.
Set To Dance: A deep velvetty matte navy. This dark shade could also be a cool addition to your smokey eye, instead of keeping it black. The navy blue is a classic shade and can be very wearable.
Bows and Curtseys: This blackish green shade is again, not a traditional colour I'd pick for my eyes, however it is in good keeping with the tartan theme. Intensely pigmented, when applied to the skin it comes out completely opaque in a single swipe, though does tend to look more grey/black than when it is in the pan.

These are the shades swatched on the back of my hand near a window. Can I just take a moment to comment on the amazing texture of the eyeshadows! They have such a creamy feel and are very rich and pigmented. I'm really impressed by MAC's eyeshadows; these are the first I've ever tried!

Also, I had these on my hand all afternoon and they only faded slightly. They were removed completely when washed with soap and water. Very impressed by the longevity of these shadows!!

As always, I pick favourites from the palette! This time my absolute favourites are Rolled Gold (I am a sucker for a shimmering gold eyeshadow, so sophisticated and elegant, yet summery and fun!) and Vainglorious (the most beautiful deep reddish purple I've ever seen; the shimmer sets it off and I'm desperate for an evening event where I can rock a sexy, smoldering burgundy smokey eye!)

All in all, I'm totally impressed by not only this palette, but the MAC eyeshadows too. So rich and creamy in their texture, with such longwearing shades that last for hours. I'd recommend any of these Tartan Tale palettes if you can get your hands on them still. I am in love with these!


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