Friday, March 14, 2014

Citrus Burst Juice Recipe & Healthy Eating Advice

I’ve been getting right back into my healthy eating after last week’s trek up the Thousand Steps (read that post here ). I must admit, working as a waitress at Max Brenner is one of the main things that stops me from eating as healthily as I like. For those of you not familiar with Max Brenner, it’s a chocolate bar which specialises in things like ‘Italian Thick Chocolates’, hot chocolates made with thickened CREAM instead of milk, yes, you read that correctly. Another delicacy is the very popular chocolate lick, which of course I’ve had my fair share of, which is basically a small pot of pure melted chocolate. It is obscene! It’s so difficult to resist these freebies at work and I’ve definitely seen myself gaining unwanted weight since starting working there about 3 years ago.

A few weeks ago I put my foot down with myself, and I made a big investment ad bought the Breville Juicer (review here!) and vowed I’d start getting all my vitamins and veggies! I can safely say I’m so much happier when I’m eating better. I feel somehow fresher, it’s hard to explain! The thing with me is, I’m SUCH A FOODIE, and I get so hangry (hungry-angry) if I’ve not eaten. I think that could be a big problem for teens who have unwanted weight, because we all just love food and snacks! I would absolutely never recommend starving yourself to lose weight; it simply doesn’t work, and I’m not promoting weightloss as something everyone should do! Also, I never set myself a ‘goal weight’, I just look at myself and see the things I’d like to fix. I’ll be happy when I think I look good, not that I weigh the right amount or anything like that!

Juicing is a great stepping stone to healthy eating, and I 100% recommend it to someone who’s a bit stuck on where to begin. You can get juices from lots of random little cafés or in food courts, so it’s not like you’ve got to spend $200-300 dollars on a juicer straight away. Juicing is so much fun and you can get so creative, and they taste so amazing when you get a combination right. On top of that, fruit and veggies are super duper cheap! I can go to Coles and get enough produce for 5 days of juice for under $15. It’s brilliant!

So, without further ado, here is my latest creation! I call it the Citrus Burst because it is sooo sweet and has so many citrus fruits packed into it. It packs a punch of vitamins and minerals and tastes beautifully refreshing. I put mine in a recycled VOSS bottle, because it’s always best to drink out of glass! Plus, it looks really cool. I took it to work and had a sip every time I craved chocolate (so every five minutes then), and it worked really well! I felt full and hydrated, and I’ll definitely be doing this on my shifts in future.

Citrus Burst
1 large ruby red grapefruit
5 oranges
3 pears
3 carrots
2 limes

This made around 1.5 litres, which fit perfectly in my VOSS bottle. For those of you who don’t like sweetness so much, take out a lime or half the ruby grapefruit, then top it up with coconut water!

What are your favourite juice recipes? How did you start eating healthier?

Apologies for the blurry picture, there's a better one over on my Instagram! @jazmcrae


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