Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Exciting Announcement!

Hi everyone! I’ve got a personal post today. Those of you who watch my YouTube videos may be aware that I’ve been unable to post videos recently. Basically, it has developed in my little life that I’ll be moving back to the UK! I’m really excited but it just means that for the foreseeable I won’t be able to make Youtube videos because I’m starting to pack and things are just a bit busy for me. I’m still able to blog and whatnot; I’ve got a whole bunch of photos on my computer for reviews and swatch posts. My estimated flight date is 7th of April! After that, it’ll probably take me some time to sort my life out, but then I’ll be back to posting regularly on both my blog and Youtube channel. 

For now, I’ve been looking at some warmer clothes for the end of winter and spring in the UK! I’ll have to throw a load of clothes out, which means I can make room for a whole load more! Woohoo! Here are some images I’ve created using clothes from UK retailers.

Oooooh, makes me really excited to get over there! I’ve also just opened a new UK eBay account and let me just recommend you guys check out the UK eBay before you buy from other country’s ones. Thanks so much for your support in this upcoming unsettling but really exciting new chapter in my life! As I said, I’ll still be blogging, but I won’t be vlogging or posting tutorials on Youtube. Lots of love!


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