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In Depth BabeScrub Range Review | Green Tea, Coffee and Pink Salt!

Hi Everyone! I’m really excited to be writing this review as I am really excited to share with you my thoughts on all three of Babescrub’s body scrubs. I ordered these about a month ago, and so far have had a chance to use each one about three times, so I’m pretty well acquainted with all three and have a lot to tell you. Hint: I love and adore them! Babescrub’s products are dry scrubs, which means they don’t come in a gel or cream like many other scrubs on the market. These ones come in a really handy re-sealable bag, which stops moisture getting in once you’ve opened them, and apparently last for 3-4 uses, however mine seem to be lasting forever! The three varieties are No. 1 Green Tea, No. 2 Coffee and No. 3 Pink Salt. I definitely have a favourite but I really appreciate the others, and love the way they target specific skin issues you might have. It helps a lot when choosing which one to buy. 

The scrubs are 21.95 AUD each, and can be bought from | Link . Babescrub is an Australian company whose philosophy is to only use natural ingredients which are safe enough to eat. Their beautiful instagram images are really inspiring, and promote that clean, organic lifestyle. They really aim to promote pure and natural skincare, which nourishes you from the outside and makes you feel amazing on the inside. If you don't know which Babescrub to buy, hopefully my reviews will help you out a little!

No. 1 Green Tea is, like all the scrubs from the range, made with all natural, organic ingredients, making them safe for sensitive skin, vegans and pregnant ladies etc etc. It contains Green Tea, Sugar, Seaweed and a range of Nourishing Oils, which ensures your skin doesn’t feel tight and gross after use. Now, without wanting to put you off, I cannot STAND the smell of this scrub, but that’s purely because I loathe green tea. Other than the smell, the scrub is gorgeous and gritty. It spreads really well on wet skin (I haven’t tried it on dry skin but that would be intense!) and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and hydrated at the same time. The Green Tea Babescrub is intended to detoxify and heal the skin, drawing out any impurities and cleansing the skin deep down. I have had some problems with spots on my back, which I just couldn’t seem to shift using regular soap, but I have actually seen some improvement in them after scrubbing away at them using this scrub. Babescrub says use this scrub to “protect against sun damage and fight to reduce wrinkles, acne, scars and redness, giving your skin an even tone. I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in any of these areas, but I have only used this scrub a few times, and already I’ve seen a small reduction in the amount and frequency of spots on my body which I always get after I’ve exercised! I’d say the Green Tea Babescrub is perfect for those of you who have problems really cleansing your skin deep down, and if you love the smell of green tea, then 100% go for it!

©       Deeply cleansing
©       Spreads really well
©       Nourishes with moisturising oils
©       Leaves skin really smooth and silky
©       Fights scars, acne and wrinkles
´         Pack not big enough!
´         Smell, eurghhh (but this is coming from a green tea hater)
´         Abrasive and uncomfortable on sensitive areas (i.e face or acne areas)

No. 2 Coffee Scrub is amazing and hands down my favourite of the bunch. It’s created using pure, organic virgin ground coffee, and mixed with mineral salts, nourishing oils and sugars for a much finer gritty scrub than the others. It contains coffee, which really gets your circulation going, which promotes skin cell rejuvenation and also leaves a faint coffee smell on your skin, which I am actually a huge fan of! It also is a key fighter of cellulite, don’t ask me how! It contains sugar which polishes your skin and nourishing oils to moisturise, and ensure your skin doesn’t feel all tight when you wash it off. I especially love the coffee one because it’s one that you can leave on for 5-10 minutes to dry before you rinse it off. It feels like a full body mask and when you do rinse it off, your skin feels absolutely reborn! So, this one’s main purpose is to fight cellulite and stretchmarks, and again, having only used this a few times I can’t really give a reliable answer. I have noticed a reduction in my cellulite since I started using this, but I’ve also been improving my diet and exercising a lot more, so it could be to do with that! The coffee BabeScrub leaves a golden brown stain on your skin while it dries, but don’t worry, it washes off when you rinse. I find that the coffee scrub is awesome on my face, because it’s not so gritty like the others and cleanses it well. Babescrub says this scrub will help you “get a babe-licious booty with this divine coffee body scrub. Babe coffee scrub exfoliates and nourishes skin so you can say hello to sexy, smooth, hotness! This one is well and truly my favourite because I love the smell, the super soft and supple feel of my skin when I’ve rinsed it off and because of its cleansing, purifying properties.

©       Smells gorgeous
©       Leaves skin extra smooth and silky
©       Leave-on to dry like a full body mask!
©       Big chunks of salt crystals help when exfoliating problem areas
©       Stain effect helps you see where you’ve done and where you’ve missed
©       Gentle enough to use every day
´         Not enough (again! Would love bigger package sizes)
´         Smells like coffee (some people are not a fan!)

No. 3 Pink Salt is my least used Babescrub, but I found that I enjoyed using it. It’s formulated to remedy aching muscles and to remove the dead skin from your body, while nourishing skin and promoting an even skin tone. It can also be used as a bath soak; so you fill up the bath and pour the entire contents in for spa-like muscle relaxation. I chose to use this scrub in the shower, because $21.95 seems like a lot for one bath soak. I left mine on in the shower to dry up a bit, and found that it started to tingle!  I liked this sensation but when my sister used it (who has very sensitive skin) she found it quite intense and washed it off quite quickly. We both found that our skin was really soft and smooth after, but my skin felt a little drier than when I used the others. This is explained by the scrub being a salt scrub, salt is very drying for the skin, but it wasn’t so bad because of the oils which are included in the scrub. The scrub contains just salt, sugar and oils found naturally in plants, making it the most simple of the scrubs, but still a very effective scrub. The salt comes from the Himalayas, and Babescrub says “The salt found here is packed full of trace minerals which have significant health benefits used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, lower blood pressure, sooth sore muscles, and remove toxins from the body” I definitely noticed relief from my aching quads after doing the Thousand Steps, and I think the soothing of the muscles was helped because I left the scrub on my skin to soak in a bit longer.

©       It’s pink!
©       Effective at soothing aching muscles
©       Doesn’t really have a smell
©       Leaves skin glowing and soft and smooth
´         Was quite intense on sensitive skin
´         Left skin a little drier than the others
´         Expensive if used only once as a bath soak

Have you tried Babescrub? Which was your favourite?


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