Monday, March 10, 2014

NYX Round Lipstick Collection & Swatches!

A few weeks ago I got my BeautyJoint () order! I love Beautyjoint, it is the perfect place to pick up your American drugstore makeup that you can’t get in Australia! They stock NYX, E.L.F, Jordana, Milani, Lime Crime and more, and these things can be really expensive to ship in. Beautyjoint is super-duper affordable though, and I’d highly recommend using them over eBay because it’s only like $8 to ship over here, and doesn’t take long. I ordered a few things, but these lipsticks were the most exciting things I was looking forward to. I’m an absolute lipstickaholic, so I was really agonising over which colours of the infamous Round Lipsticks by NYX to choose. The swatches on Beautyjoint aren’t really that good, and neither are the NYX’s website ones, so I went in kind of blind but also on recommendation from my favourite YouTubers. Eventually I settled on Haute Melon, Pure Nude and Eros.

The texture of these lipsticks are supremely creamy and soft in application. They’re balmy and feel moisturising on the lips. In application, the colour can be quite thin, however, and require some building up. They colours can bleed or run due to warmth of the skin, so just be aware of this! I’ve heard that the Black Label Lipsticks are one step up, but I’m pleased overall with the price and value of the Round lippies. Very happy indeed!

Haute Melon: I didn’t really realise what kind of colour this was when I purchased it! I’d compare it to MAC Morange; a vibrant, creamy, intense orange-red. NYX describes it as a bright coral. It’s definitely one of the tougher colours to wear, but would look brilliant with a simple bold black liner look. Other than that, I can’t imagine I’ll reach for this much, to be honest! Though I like the colour, there’s colours that suit me much more.

Pure Nude: Genuinely love this colour on me, it is a gorgeous pale pinky nude, which is actually paler than most people’s skin, I’m pretty sure. NYX calls it a neutral baby pink, which is really accurate actually. It’s quite milky on the skin, and the thinnest of them all. I’d almost say it was ‘greasy’, but not in an offputting way. It just means you have to work to get the colour even and smooth looking. I’d also mention that the colour highlights the dryness on your lips! It might sound like I’ve got a lot of negatives, but seriously, the colour, once on evenly, is so glamorous and pretty!

Eros: Ahhh, the most beautiful, rich, bright red. It’s named after the Greek god of love, perfectly fitting what NYX describes as a bright coral red. It’s so beautiful on the lips, and isn’t too intense for my NW15 skin. It actually makes your lips look poutier and fuller. Of the three, this one applies the most smoothly and evenly. You may need to touch up throughout the day if you’re doing some vigorous, but it stains your lips for hours are removal and stays pretty well otherwise. I’d call this the perfect red at the moment, and all these lipsticks are incredible value for money.

So, for $4.50 each, I’m happy with these lipsticks. These are great if you just want a few ‘whatever’ lipsticks, and if you’re happy to gamble on the colour, you could end up with a few real gems in your lipstick collection. I’d never substitute my MACs or Lime Crime lippies for these, but they’re certainly really fun to play with and can inject a really intense colour surge into your makeup look. Thumbs up from me!


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