Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skin Doctors T Zone Oil Control Range | In Depth Review

If you suffer from oily skin, have a look at my ‘Tips and Advice On Getting Rid Of Oily Skin’ post here.

The most annoying thing that my body does against my will is produce mass oil from my face. Thanks, evolution, you’re really helping me out here. It causes spots, make-up melting, clogged pores, greasier hair. I previously used the NATIO Acne range in order to prevent my oily skin (read my review here) and while I liked it, I felt I needed something a bit more heavy-duty. Enter Skin Doctors T Zone range. I first heard about it on Katies Beauty Blog, my go-to blog for skincare suggestions, as the incredible author Katie Snooks also suffers with oily skin. She had great things to say about the range, so I purchased the wash and overnight treatment from eBay for about $15-$30 (sorry I don’t remember!).

Oil Control Cleanser: A wonderful smelling, wonderful spreading and wonderfully effective wash, in my opinion. I use it with my Clarisonic to get a really good lather, and I love the way I can feel the oil on my skin reducing as I massage it into my face. It is mattifying (which is a big step for me because I’ve never had truly ‘matte’ skin before) and I feel as though it thoroughly cleanses my skin of impurities, especially when I use it with my deeply exfoliating Clarisonic. I had to use it for a couple of weeks every day before I saw proper results, but now the oil is reduced, it stays reduced until I stop using the cleanser. If I accidentally miss a day, I notice a build up of oil on my skin even in the 24 hours I didn’t clean it! The bottle is a really decent size, it’s pretty huge actually, and seems it will last me a fair old while. I don’t think I’d suggest this for really sensitive skin, because it’s packed with salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids to help minimise oils in the skin.

No More Pores Night Treatment: This product is a really thick, heavy cream which smells quite yoghurty! But not in a bad way. I like the smell and really adore the texture (it is comparable to body butter) and feels really heavy on the skin. I can’t say I’ve noticed such a drastic improvement in my clogged pores solely from using the cream, but I’d say it definitely helps as an important part of my skincare regime. It nourishes my skin; I never have tightness in my face even though I’m trying to strip away the oils. I really love this cream, especially the packaging!

I didn’t buy the daily moisturiser, just because a) I didn’t have the money and b) moisturisers almost always make my skin feel claggy and sweaty. The night treatment gives the perfect amount of conditioning for my skin, so I’m pleased with it. Overall, the range has definitely acted on my oily face, and I certainly notice a difference when I miss a day out. They smell amazing and I find that they really work, but I would advise you sensitive ones to be careful with this one; it seems a whole lot harsher than some others. I hope you found this review informative and helpful!

Do you suffer from oily skin? What’s your holy grail oil banishing product?


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