Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tips & Advice To Get Rid Of Oily Skin!

I have absolutely always had oily skin, and it has annoyed me to death. It really used to ruin things for me, like makeup. I’d do a full face and I’d look fresh to death (lol) and within hours, the foundation had melted and slid off my chin, forehead and around the sides of my nose. I also used to have a full fringe, which made life with oily skin WAY harder; my forehead made my hair greasy, and my fringe trapped the sweat on my forehead and good heavens didn’t I know about it! Oily skin doesn’t always lead to spots and clogged pores, but in my case it certainly did. I get spots mostly on my forehead, but get blackheads due to blocked pores on my chin. In order to combat these annoying problems, I decided to make a few changes:

Keep your hair clean and away from your face
I know it’s annoying when you love having a fringe or bangs, but if you’ve got oily skin it’s something to be conscious of. My fringe trapped the greasy dirt close to my face, and kept it warm allowing bacteria to grow. It is so important that if you do choose to have hair close to your face, you make an effort to keep it clean, otherwise, it can make your problem worse. The oil in your skin can also make your bangs greasy! I let my fringe grow out, and pinned it back most days. I carried dry shampoo to spritz in the roots when I thought it was starting to look a bit funky. I can’t tell you the difference it’s made with my forehead acne! I still get the odd one; growing my hair and keeping it out of my face hasn’t cured it completely, but it has sure made a great difference.

Don’t touch your face!
Heaven knows I’ve been a chronic nail biter for as long as I can remember, but I have pretty much kicked the habit now! This has caused (as well as rubbish looking nails) oilier skin! It has happened especially on my chin area, because when I put my fingers up to my mouth, the bacteria and sweat on my hands (ew) would transfer onto my chin. This doesn’t just happen for nail biters though; think about it, every time you touch your face you’re leaving oil and sweat behind from everything you’ve touched, like your hair, lip balm, hand moisturisers. The solution? Carry hand sanitiser, or, if you don’t want to look like a proper hygiene freak, just minimise touching your face!

Change your pillowcases
Number 1 - this is a wonderful excuse to just tidy up your whole room; “hey, I’m changing my sheets, why don’t I also empty my bin, take out my laundry and spritz my space with air freshener”.
Number 2 – I genuinely feel cleaner and fresher when I sleep on new pillowcases! I especially like it because after you’ve done your night time face wash, you don’t want to then dive back into a pile of smelly pillows. Plus they smell good. You only need to change them every week or so; I like to sleep on a pillow, flip it over the next night, then use my next pillow, then flip it, then the next one…and so on and so on!

You get out what you put in!
How I hate to admit it! I see a difference in the oiliness of my skin depending on my diet. Some of your may know that I like to juice sometimes, and my skin’s texture really improves when I’m on my veggies and fruits. Then when I relapse into my KFC and McDonald’s scoffing ways, I feel generally greasier on the inside and out. I know this may seem like a ploy to get you to eat your greens, but honestly, personally I notice a big difference.

Invest in great skincare & create a routine
I’ve tried many skincare products, and unfortunately for everyone, the best ones are the higher end products. I love the NATIO skincare range for oily/acne prone skin (read my review here) and I currently use the Skin Doctors T Zone range, which specifically targets oily skin. I also use a Clarisonic (read my review here) which has been working wonders for me for the past 3 months! Now, it’s all very well to spend your hard earned cash on skincare, but you need to maintain a decent regime in order for it to begin working properly. I use a cleanser in the morning on my hands, then moisturise. Then at night, I’ll do a nice deep exfoliation using a cleanser on my Calrisonic, and use a night cream. I will do an oil absorbing mask 2-3 times per week. It was only after I kept at my efforts for a few weeks that I began to see differences, so I encourage you not to give up!

I really hope my fellow oily people found this post helpful! I’d love to hear your feedback if you use any of my tips and tricks, and please let me know some of yours in the comments below! 


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  1. I have kind of the same problem :( For me Clinique 7 days scrub and the Clinique facial cleaner works good. How is the clarisonic from Philips? Worth the splurge?


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