Wednesday, March 12, 2014

UK Clothing Haul! - New Look Shopping Spree!

Hello beauties, just thought I’d post a quick preview post on an upcoming haul video and blog post! I’ve unfortunately been away from my YouTube channel for about a week, just because I’ve started university and I’m so busy! Apologies for that, I will be back soon but I have to figure out my new routine is all! Anyway, since starting university I’ve acquired a serious case of wardrobe envy! I can’t believe how itchy I’ve been to get on the internet to make a serious dent in my bank balance and purchase some university appropriate (no booty shorts or bra-tops, booo :( ) clothing!

I’m a massive pastel fan, they are so girly and feminine and easy to wear. They can also be dressed quite grungy, which I love. Sometimes (and don’t ask me why) I wake up having transformed overnight into a grungy gothic punk, and can never seem to dress myself to match that feeling. Pastels can be classy and ladylike though, too, just by dressing them up with white slip ons or small heels. I’ve picked up some leggings too, because they’re beyond easy and at 7am, no one has got time to faff around buttoning and squeezing themselves into high waisted shorts/jeans.

I won’t go into too much more detail, but this is my cart from today’s spending spree! I purchased these items from NewLook, a wonderful UK based site that offers shipping to Australasia for a mere 9GBP, and it becomes free after you spend a certain amount! I’ve gone with a neutral theme, excluding the checked panel leggings which I have been desperate for for months now, and I’m loving the pale pastel tones. Should be perfect for university and winter! Check back in 10-12 days for my haul video and accompanying blog post!

Where’s your favourite place to buy clothes online? What’s your favourite thing to wear as university fashion?


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