Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wishlist #4

Oh dear! Here we go! University life is certainly taking its toll on me and my savings. There are so many gorgeous girls walking around with beautiful clothes and makeup, and bags…and shoes..and STUFF! It’s making me think I’ve not got enough clothes at all. I’m only 4 days in and I feel like I’m all out of outfits; so much so I’m planning on buying the university hoody tomorrow. So naturally I’m feeling inspired to shop, and here’s this week’s picks for clothes and general stuff I’m feeling I need to aid my education.

1.     Mimco Gold Knot Earrings
Because they are girly, easy, and will dress up any outfit.
2.     NARS Bimini Lipgloss (Sheer pink guava) $26
Such a gorgeous, fruity colour. I’m all about peachy pinky lip colours, and although I’m not a big gloss wearer now, I think that it’ll make my lips look fuller.
3.     NARS Lip Pencil in Bolero (Pink Cantaloupe) $25
Another wonderfully fresh colour. I haven’t ever tried NARS’s lip products but I’m definitely wanting to. I’ve heard good things about them and they seem velvety and smooth.
4.     YSL Signature Bracelet $240
I’ve wanted a piece of YSL jewellery for a while now, and it’s only recently I’ve decided which one. This one is so light and beautiful, and not an attention grabber or anything. I could wear it all the time and get my money’s worth!
5.     Black Milk Deathly Hallows Swim $100 Black Milk
After recently finishing the Harry Potter series (I put it on hold because I was too scared to finish it because I didn’t want it to end) I’ve become obsessed with all things Potter! I love this BlackMilk piece, and although I wouldn’t say this swim is affordable, it’s definitely gorgeous and summery and flattering.
6.     The Eco Cold Drink Cup $22
I need a place for my juice when I want to take it out of the house! This cup is double walled so hopefully it’ll keep my juice cooler for longer. It’s a great way to be ecofriendly and be able to save money and calories by sipping on my own fresh juice!
7.     Peach Blazer $30 eBay
I reeeeeally need a blazer and I just haven’t bought one yet! Whyyyy?! This one really caught my eye because it’s my favourite shade of pastel peach and it’s adorable and can easily be dressed up or down.
8.     Sadie Slipper $19.95 Rubi Shoes
Saw these in Rubi Shoes the other day and fell in love! They’re really cute and girly. They remind me of a tea party for some reason. White shoes are so in, and they’re easy to walk in and go with loads of stuff.
9.     White Lace Shorts $60 Nastygal
Latest obsession: NastyGal. Pretty much all their items are gorgeous (if a little pricey), but these shorts in particular really won me over. I saw a girl from uni sporting lacey white shorts and fell instantly in love and decided I need them!
10.  Beaded Hem Top $20 Allyfashion

I’ve been wanting this beauty for ages, and I’m sure you can see why. There’s something so glamorous about it. I love how it’s different from my other crops, which are fitted. The looser fit can cover up a bit of skin for university, and means I can wear a tighter skirt or pair of shorts with them.


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