Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wishlist #6

I am brilliant at online window-shopping. It is my favourite past time, and after my 8 hour shift yesterday I felt I deserved a relaxing browse. I haven’t looked at cosmetics all that much recently, because I’ve got quite a lot now and don’t know quite what I’d get next. But you can never have too much! After hopping on the Boots and MAC website, I realised there’s plenty more out there for me in the way of haircare, makeup and general bits and pieces. So, here’s what made it into this week’s lust list!

I’ll only write about a few because there’s millions on here. My top tick would definitely be the Essie neutral nail colours. I’ve been a nail biter all my life and tried everything to stop myself, but it has turned out that the only thing that really stops me is wearing nail polish! Handy tip for you nail biters out there! I love neutral colours, especially for every day wear.

The bumble and bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner have been catching my eye for a few months, but I have a ridiculous amount of half-empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom cupboard that I have vowed to use before buying any more. These seem to really work. They’re best sellers on Boots and I’ve seen many positive reviews on them. I’d love to give these a go and hopefully breathe some new life into my usually quite flat hair.

The Benefit Gimme Brow is something I’ve been dyyying for. My brows aren’t actually that sparse; I’m quite thick and full and bushy, but this seems like a much easier way to define and set your brows than my usual routine which is quite long and involved. Gimme Brow seems to replace powder, wax and brow mascara, which would be ideal for everyday wear. I’ve seen my favourite YouTubers loving this product and I’d love to give it a go too.

I haven’t had any new MAC goodies in a while now, but I think the next few things on my hitlist are the Strobe Cream, to perk up my tired looking skin after not enough sleep. I’m also a huge fan of MAC powder blushes but I never know which shade to buy. I currently own Fleur Power which is a vibrant coral pink, and now Im eager to try a more subtle baby pink like Well Dressed. The lipstick I am desperate for next is MAC Red, which is a really iconic red shade and appears to suit everyone who wears it. I love red lips but don’t get to wear them as much as I’d like to just because they’re not easy peasy slap-on colours, and take a little bit longer to get even and right.

Sorry for the short post! I’ve got some exciting stuff happening in my life at the moment which I’m excited to share with you guys. It might mean I’m not around as much in the next few weeks but it’s a good thing, and I’ll be posting whenever I get the chance!


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  1. I love the pastel nail polishes, essie is my favourite nail polish brand :) I saw some of your YouTube videos and thought I'd check your blog out too.
    I'm also an Australian blogger (except I'm from Qld) and I'd truly appreciate if you checked out my blog too, it's .
    Hope you have a lovely day/night :)
    - Amadee May


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