Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stila In The Moment Palette Review & Swatches

Stila Palettes: In The Light, In The Know, In The Garden, In The Moment 
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´        Instinct – A gorgeous pearly white shade which I use as a base to intensify other colours. An     ideal inner corner highlight shade and browbone shade.
´        Impulse – A dusty, pastel lilac. When using this palette for a smoky eye, Desire is the perfect transition colour for the crease, and really flattering on everyone’s eye colour.
´        Glance – A deep purple. Great for a beautiful twist on the traditional smoky eye, I use this shade instead of black or dark grey.
´        Improvise – Charcoal plum with shimmer. Unusual and interesting, but very pigmented so avoid using a heavy hand or you’ll look like you’ve been punched in the eye!
´        Catalyst – Black with pink sparkle. Smoky and sultry, perfect for dramatic, smouldering eyes.
´        Desire – Soft and natural pale pink. Ideal as a base because it’s quite accurate to my natural skintone. Not a showstopper, but a natural nude shade.
´        Wonder – An instant favourite, deep bronze pink. An unusual shade that’s really attention grabbing and feminine.
´        Spontaneous – Luxurious bronzed beige with subtle shimmer. Goes really well with the purples and has a regal feel.
´        Whim – Warm toned brown with soft shimmer, again, another perfect crease colour or under-the-eye smoked out shade.
´        Captivate – Intensely deep plum-ish brown with golden shimmer. A showstopper! A really dramatic colour but requires a bit of build-up.

I’m a die-heard Stila fan after picking up their ‘In The Light’ palette last year, and I simply can’t fault them on anything. Their eyeshadows are an incredible formula which glides beautifully onto the skin, and lasts for hours and hours. I like all of the Stila palettes, so when I decided it was time to invest in a new one, it was quite a tough decision! I went with ‘In The Moment’ because I’m seriously lacking in the purple eyeshadow department, and I was captivated by the gorgeous lilac tones which has recently become my favourite colour.

The palette comes with a smudgestick, but after my last Stila Palette, I’m not a fan of these freebies and I haven’t even picked mine up yet. The eyeshadows are and should remain the main selling point. The formulas are amazing; always creamy and blendable, and crease very very rarely (remember to use a primer to minimise the risk!!). This palette is incredibly beautiful and I cracked mine open for the first time last week to create a smouldering smoky eye using only 3 shades; instinct, desire and captivate. Captivate is a firm favourite on my end; I just adore any kind of bronzey looking shade because I love how it intensifies the blue in my eyes. I’m definitely a fan of the ‘In the Moment’ palette, and I’m glad I chose this over the others. For £25 these babies don’t come cheap, but you’re actually saving a fair bit buying the palette rather than the shades separately. What’s more, these shades are chosen to really complement each other and are gorgeous when incorporated into looks together. A huuuuge thumbs up from me; thank you Stila, keep it up!



  1. The colour Wonder looks so gorgeous, great review. :)

  2. In the light looks fantastic, I can see why you wanted to try more. I need to try some of these myself they look so fab.

    Rachel x


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