Friday, April 25, 2014

Triangl Bikini Review

One of my most popular posts was my ‘My Triangl Bikini Arrived!’, and I’ve been almost bombarded with questions on things that I forgot to mention. In all my excitement I simply covered the very basics so I thought I’d do an updated review! I’ve had my Triangl Bikini for about 7 months now, and it has served me well. I’ve got a lot of wear out of it, and now I’ve tried and tested it out in the field, I feel like my review will be way more reliable.

When I was looking to purchase mine, I couldn’t find many reviews on the bikinis at all, which was really frustrating and I wasn’t sure which size to buy or which style would suit my body best. Given that sizing advice is the biggest question I am asked, I’ll stick that in here now to save people trawling through my wittering; I wear a size 32A bra and size 8 pants and in my bikini I ordered a size xs top and s bottoms. In terms of sizing, they’re absolutely perfect and I was lucky with this! The bottoms aren’t stretchy at all, so be aware of this! Don’t feel embarrassed if you’ve got to go a size up because I’ve seen some people trying to force their booties into a miniature pair of bottoms and ending up looking hugely uncomfortable!

I went with the ‘Chloe’ style, which is a traditional triangle shaped top which ties up at the back and behind the neck, and the bottoms are low cut, full bikini bottoms. I went with this one because I loved the black edging, and all the colours were absolutely stunning. The other styles don’t tend to match, and I knew I definitely wanted a matching pair. The ‘Ollie’ style is said to be like a push-up bra, so I was tempted to get that one to add a bit of volume to my chest, but I have found that with the Chloe I am given a fair bit of oomph. The fabric is neoprene (amazing, I know), so it does give you a bit of push up and a bit of padding out. It’s brilliant!

I adore the colour I picked; California Coral. It’s more of a baby pink, but it looks amazing against the solid black lines of the hems. I think that it makes you look a bit more tanned, and it’s such a feminine colour. The next Triangl bikini on my hit list is the Chloe in Indiana Ice, it is to die for! White makes you look way more tanned as well, and with me being so pale, I need all the help I can get. They have a whole range of colours and you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you; my sister loves the Miami Mint and Arizona Sunset colours, which are, again, absolutely amazing.

Despite the bikini being a bit rigid, it is really comfortable to wear (providing you buy the right size). I feel really secure in it; I don’t feel like I’m going to fall out of if or anything. As one would hope, it’s absolutely fine in the sea and behaves pretty much like a normal bikini. The only difference is that the neoprene is quite insulating. I feel myself getting pretty hot underneath it, but it doesn’t bother me too much. An added bonus is the carry-bag, which is made of matching neoprene in the same colour. I love it! It’s perfect for a holiday where you’re just popping down to the beach and only need to bring a little towel, some sunnies and some sun tan lotion! Plus it matches, and I’m a sucker for co-ords.

I ordered mine whilst living in Australia, which is where the brand is based. It cost me $98 AUD and took about a week to come. I was so desperate for it to arrive, and it felt like such a long time!! I found the ordering process really easy, and they’ve got online advisors you can chat with to help you out with any problems, and I definitely recommend talking to them! I definitely pestered them a good few times, and they’re very kind and helpful. The Triangl bikinis are about £50 GBP, which is a heck of a lot for a bikini, but if you can justify it, then go for it! They’re so flattering, and the neoprene is just beautiful to look at and to feel. I 100% recommend these bikinis and I know that once you’ve got yours, you’ll absolutely fall in love with it.

If you have reviewed your Triangl Bikini I'd love to read it! Leave me your links in the comment and I'll pop over! xxx



  1. Hi! How much did you pay for customs tax when the bikini arrived? Thanks!

  2. This is all great to know! I just purchased the same style (the pink is gorgeous, isn't it? and am impatiently waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully I love it just as much as you do!

  3. BEWARE! This company has ZERO customer service... no phone numbers, chat people give you the run around, they say they are sending an email but they don't, then if you finally get to the end of this run around and time wasting they ask you to ship to Hong Kong pay the shipping and then they subtract the original shipping from your purchase! are you kidding me?? you end up owing them money and having no suit at all! I can't stand poor customer service this goes beyond poor into the SCAM category! BEWARE!


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