Saturday, May 17, 2014

Collective Haul! - Beauty, Homeware, Haircare, Fashion

Ok, ok, after looking at these pictures on my computer screen, I realise I’m eligible for the ‘Worst photographer of the year Award’, but I was so excited when I got in from Exeter yesterday that I just hastily snapped these on my iPhone. I went a bit crackers on the spending yesterday; I literally only popped out to the shops to buy some black canvas shoes for work. Typically, I was lured into a whole load of shops on the way, and ended up spending a whole lot more than I initially intended.

First was New Look, where my eye was caught by a ‘3 pairs for £4’ socks stand, and I grabbed a pink polka dot pair with a little bow, the same in pastel blue, and a pair with an owls face on the toes. Highly unnecessary, but cute all the same!

Then I headed off to Boots and was greeted by the dreaded ‘3 for 2’ sign around the haircare, cue a mad dash around the shelves to add things to my basket that I suddenly realised I ‘needed’. I picked up the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner which I had actually been meaning to pick up (after a recent blonde moment where I mistakenly picked up two bottles of shampoo, duh). Then I grabbed the Schwarzkopf Got 2 B hairspray, which is hands down the best hairspray I’ve tried, and I’m almost out of my old bottle. Then, in desperation, I grabbed the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cool & Crisp Fresh, because, well, why not?

My next stop was Lush, and I’d been eyeing up their face masques online and doing my research on other beauty blogs to find one perfect for my skin type. I’d had my eye on brazened honey, but the very helpful lady in the shop advised I got either Cosmetic Catastrophe or Cupcake. I went for Cupcake because of my horrendously oily skin. At first I was sort of put off by the name and the smell: chocolate. I don’t know, but chocolate seems like it’s bad for you and I was a bit reluctant, but in the end, after reading through its other ingredients and hearing about its benefits, I picked it up. To view Cupcake on Lush’s website, click here!

Then onto Primark. Oh, Primark! You will always be my greatest love and my greatest hate! Why are you so cheap and affordable and bang on trend, but why must you always sell out of my size and have really long queues and drain my bank balance!? Anyway, I went in and immediately got caught off guard by a beautiful pair of red and white gingham shorts, or maybe it’s a skort? I’m not 100% which it’d be classed as, but in any case, they’re gorgeous. Unfortunately, the size 8’s were sold out, but there was no way I’d leave the store without a pair (£10)! Then I grabbed some cuffed ankle PJ bottoms (£7 I think), because again, why not! Then some pink fluffy slippers (£4), a white fluffy throw for my bed (£5), a light grey zippy hoodie (£8), and a simple white bra (£6 I think!). Phew! So what was at first a routine browse transformed quickly into a little spending spree. Luckily, my Primark bill was only about £40, so it could have been a whole load worse!

Then on the way to the station I stopped off a WH Smiths with the intention to browse the books, which is a strange occurrence for me because I reeeally struggle with choosing a new book to read. I made my way over the Penguin Classics, my absolute treasure trove, and decided I’d reread an old favourite to kickstart my new reading habit. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov is a controversial one, but I adore it for its beautiful style and hilarious protagonist, poor doomed Humbert Humbert. Then, because I’m addicted, I grabbed the new Cosmo issue on my way out.

A successful day out, I’m sure you’ll agree! Look out for product reviews and style posts featuring these things. Thank you so much for reading, and please leave me a comment or follow me on bloglovin to stay in touch! 



  1. Lovely pieces! Especially the checkered pants!

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
    I have a new post everyday!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  2. Good haul! I swear everytime I go to Primark, I think I'm barely going to spend anything and then end up with some many cheap things it's a shock when I go to the till. That Lush mask looks lovely - def let us know how it is :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I'm just putting the final touches to my Cupcake review, I'm so excited to publish it! Primark is my ultimate weakness! I have no willpower in there haha :) x

  3. The fluffy slippers are so cute, i love them! Would love it if you stopped by my blog

    1. They've been absolutely worn to death already! I basically live in slippers, so £4 really isn't much for something I get so much use out of. I'm heading over now! :) xx


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