Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser Review

Never did I think I’d see the day that I’d rave about a moisturiser! As a generally oily person (hair, skin, face), I never really needed help with feeling moisturised or nourished, as I always felt a bit greasy and clammy. I actually only picked up a moisturiser because I felt like I ought to have one in my collection, and it would be nice to soothe my face after a deep cleanse.

I popped into Superdrug and headed straight for Simple. I’m not sure what it is about Simple, but even though they’re a drugstore brand, they seem really professional and like they really know what they’re doing in terms of skincare. I also love the fact that they’re gentle and contain no colours or fragrances, and aren’t chock full of harsh chemicals. They’ve got a Clear Skin range (link) which honestly was a godsend before I started going for more expensive skincare products. They’re a wonderful range of products and did a fantastic job of cleansing my skin and keeping it looking clear. I’d never tried the Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser before, though, and so I picked it up.

With my skin, I always always always avoid words like ‘nourishing’ and ‘hydrating’ and ‘moisture boost’ when I pick my skincare, because they’ll just end up overdoing it for me. If you’re an oily person like me, then look for words like ‘balancing’ or ‘oil free’ when you’re choosing a moisturiser.

This moisturiser is light and clean-feeling on the skin, which is a huge must for me. There’s nothing worse than that claggy, clammy, greasy feeling after you apply a moisturiser. It spreads evenly, doesn’t have a particular smell and feels really light and..well, healthy on my face! I only need it once a day, if that, but I do find my skin needs it after a good going over with my Calrisonic, which can leave it feeling a bit dry and tight afterwards.

I’ve noticed a massive reduction in my spots since I began using this moisturiser! It’s amazing to think that I’d been avoiding moisturisers for so long because I didn’t want to add excess grease, but the right kind of moisturiser can actually help to actively reduce the amount of oils and sebum your face produces during the day.

It has helped me out a whole load, and I’d recommend using a good moisturiser to anyone, regardless of how oily your skin is. It might just be the thing that reduces your spots and calms your oiliness!



  1. I use the face wipes from this same line and I love them! They are the best wipe I have tried and kept my skin really nice :)

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Simple's philosophy is what makes me love them so much! I haven't tried the wipes but they look so gentle, they've got to be worth a try :) Thank you so much for commenting, means the world! x


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