Monday, June 16, 2014

Bleach LONDON Rosé Review - How to get pastel hair!

It finally happened! I took the plunge I’ve been dying to take, and dyed my hair this gorgeous pastel pink! To do it, I used a product I’ve heard good things about; the Rosé temporary hair dye from Bleach LONDON. I heard about this product on twitter, and immediately planned to try it out. It’s a great way for blondes to check whether a fun colour hair will suit them, because if it ends up looking crud you can wash it out easily and not have to go through the whole stripping your hair colour, or worse; dying it brown! Bleach LONDON also does a huge range of blonde haircare products, like silver shampoos and toners, and it even does bleaching kits (not something I’d be brave enough to try, but it was sold out at my Boots store so it must be a hit!).

Anyway, the Rosé cream is quite a vibrant flamingo in the 150ml bottle, which costs £5. I grabbed two because although my hair isn’t thick, it’s pretty long and the last thing I’d want to do is nip back out with half-pink hair. The colour put me off a bit, I was nervous about how vibrant it would come out, but I’d read that it comes out quite sheer so I trusted my fellows on Instagram and twitter! The directions instruct you to apply it to shampooed, towel tried hair. I chose to tone my hair using the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo, to knock out any of those pesky brassy tones before I applied the dye on top. Hair looking nice and ashy (though a bit dry-feeling and matted due to the lack of conditioner), I proceeded to squeeze the dye out of the bottle. I sectioned off my hair as best I could using my hands in my hideous-feeling rubber gloves, and applied the dye root to tip. I think I saturated my hair with the dye, but now looking back I probably should have cracked out the other bottle just to really make sure I got every strand of hair and concentrated the colour a tiny bit more.

The design of the bottle does get a bit annoying, once you’ve got half, the other half is reeeeally hard to squeeze out! However, having said this, I was really happy with how the 150ml bottle lasted, and I felt like I’d put more than enough on my hair and spread it all around really well. I was both excited and horrified when I saw just how pink the formula looks on the hair; that is, very very pink indeed. I waited between 10 and 15 minutes (I wasn’t timing when I really should have been) and then rinsed off the dye. It is a really nice and easy dye to wash off; it has the consistency of a thick conditioner or hair masque and it’s quite clear to see when the water starts to run clear.

As for the colour, I’m over the moon! There’s something so grungy and sexy and edgy about pastel hair, and it’s made my confidence sky rocket this afternoon (Imagine me dancing around in front of the mirror singing to the pussycat dolls!). I’ve got a whole new style of makeup that’s been unlocked for me, and I can now do smokier looks under the eye, and rock plum lipsticks without looking proper vampy. I’m loving this new look, and I’m definitely going to keep colouring my hair this gorgeous rosé shade for a while. I can’t really fault this product, other than the slightly annoying bottle shape, but the affordability and quality and results are so worth the extra shaking of the bottle! 



  1. Oh my gosh. You. Look. AMAZING!
    This colour suits you SO much!
    I love pink hair, you look like a super cool mermaid.

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. That's the sweetest comment ever, it made me smile! I was so nervous but now I don't know what I was nervous about, haha! Thank you :) xxx

  2. You are so bloody beautiful and the pink hair suits you so much! It brings out the blue in your eyes massively :) I usually dye my hair pink when I go on holiday (boring office job means a permanent pink do is a big no-no :(! ) and I've always wondered what the Bleach dye is like! Thanks so much for the review :) You've definitely converted a new follower, excited to read more posts soon :)!

    Jessie @

  3. Oh my gosh, I cannot get over how amazing this looks!! I'd love to go a wacky colour again, but my hair would be having non of it! Have you decided whether you're gonna get this permanently yet, or are you gonna stick with the at home kit for a while?
    Serious hair envy right now jasmine! Can't figure out how you've made grunge look quite so pretty!!xxx

  4. That looks so nice and I love how it matches your lipstick ;) I can't believe how easy it was to do aswell! xxxxxxxx

  5. Looks great! I've always wanted to do something fun with my hair but because I don't want to bleach it blonde I've always stayed around the brown and red colours. I guess you'll be avoiding wearing pink for a while :P

  6. Your hair is so lovely pink! I really want pastel pink hair but I think it's a no-go with red/brown hair at the moment! Xx

  7. You look so lovely with pink hair! I wish I could pull it off but it'd be a no go with dark hair naturally! <3

  8. Was searching for Pink hair inspirations and found your blog Love it and you look really good in pink <3

  9. Wow I love this shade, it really suits you!

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