Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Must Have Brushes

Today's post is a post that is extremely close to my heart because my makeup brushes are seriously my favourite things about makeup (closely followed by face products). Brushes are integral to application; I still look back and cringe at my 14 year old self who smeared my Dream Matte Mousse on with my fingers, and applied my sparkly blue eyeshadow with my ring finger, or worse, one of those spongey applicators!! For me, makeup brushes can really make or break a makeup look, but I do understand that they're one of the top most expensive aspects of building your makeup collection. I've narrowed down my absolute must have brushes, that I could comfortably live with and still achieve flawless makeup every day. There are six in total; 4 face brushes and 2 eye brushes!

Sigma Blending e25 Brush
I always liked to think I knew what I was doing when it came to eyeshadow blending, but let me tell you, I had but not a clue until I bought this brush. I have a bigger fluffier one, which is good, but this one's slightly more rigid bristles give a whole lot more control over where the eyeshadow ends up going. It's great for building up colour in the crease, and needless to say, ALL of Sigma's brushes are so incredibly soft and feel lovely on the skin.

Sigma Eye Shading e55 Brush
The thick, dome-shaped bristles on this brush are perfect for packing on a lot of colour all over the lid, but you can stretch it's use if you need to. I like to use it to smoke out underneath my lower lash line using heavier colours, and you can also use it to highlight the browbone. 

EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush
When I discovered buffing brushes, my entire makeup routine changed and the quality of my makeup rose so much! No more painting foundation on using those awful pointy foundation brushes. I love this buffing brush because it blends the foundation into your skin for a seamless coverage, and increases your foundation's staying power and natural look! On top of this, EcoTools is a wonderful vegan brand which stands for a wonderful vegan message; all of the brushes are cruelty free and have a gorgeous rustic look. The bristles are actually softer than any animal hair brush I've ever tried, and so since I tried this baby I've been building up my EcoTools collection. I'm a huge fan.

Sigma Large Powder f30 Brush
This is one of those brushes you just have to include; it isn't a showstopper or anything, but you'd be a bit stuck without it. My makeup requires an insane amount of setting because my skin is so oily, and this brush is absolutely massive and makes quick work of setting my foundation with a loose or pressed powder. Again, it's bristles are amazing and soft, and there really is a lot of brush here for your money!

NARS Ita Kabuki Brush
The most amazing brush any contour-loving girl could ever ask for! This is a must have for me, because I really love playing up my cheekbones with a contour, and this brush creates that crisp, defining line beneath the bone. The bristles are fluffy and comfortable on the skin, really easy to control and the brush itself is really beautiful. I love the NARS packaging and it is translated wonderfully onto the brushes!

RealTechniques Blush Brush
RealTechniques is a cult favourite among beauty bloggers, and it is no surprise why. I remember being shocked and in disbelief at how amazingly soft this brush was when I took it out of it's box! The dome shaped hairs (I can't even call them bristles because they're so soft!) make for perfectly blended blush and allow you to build up product without it going cakey or smeary. This brush also doubles as a great contour brush! For a really light contour, you can dust the bronzer underneath the cheekbones and it looks wonderful.


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  1. Great post. I have to have been slightly concerned about how I used to put on my make up, but once I started using brushes I never looked back.

    Gaby x


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