Thursday, June 5, 2014

Outfit: Strawberry Shortcake Gingham

Lace Crop Top - Supre $25AUD
Red and White Gingham Skort - Primark £10
Chunky White Platforms - eBay £22.99 

I’m starting a series of posts using pictures from my Instagram because I absolutely love love love fashion and outfit posts recently. I’ve been having a good old nose on some of my favourite blogs and I see them growing in popularity. I’m really starting to consolidate my wardrobe and I’ve gotten together a good idea of what I love to wear and what I feel great on. I’m sorry that these pictures aren’t the best quality; they’re from Instagram! 



  1. You look great, love the gingham skort! x

  2. Super cute outfit hun! Can't believe the skort is a Primark number - its gorgeous!

    Ashlie xx


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