Saturday, June 28, 2014

travelling round europe - clothing

After deciding I wanted to go traveling, I realised I’d need some serious funds. I’ve managed to secure a bar job in a local pub in Devon this week, and honestly I’m loving it. My shifts are great and I’m going to be on track (with both my jobs) to be setting off in September! With this in mind, I’ve started thinking about what I’ll need to pack in my massive backpack!

I'm going to a couple of colder countries first off; Germany and Brussels and probably Paris are going to be chilly in September. With this in mind, I've put
- Pair of jeans
- Flat Chelsea Boots
- Hoodie
- Flannel Shirt
- Doors TShirt
These are my warmish items, and there's not many because hopefully the weather in Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Portugal is going to be sunny and warm still by the time I get there.

Given that I'm spending a vast majority of my trip in sunny places, I've made sure I've got more summery clothes in my backpack!
- White Jelly Sandals
- Black Havianas
- Crochet Lace Vest
- Hand of Fatima vest
- Levis Shorts
- Chiffon Shirt
- White Skater Dress
- T shirt Dress
- Raybans
- Trusty Triangl Bikini
- Camisole Top
- Black Strappy Dress

All the pieces I'm taking are pretty versatile and can be paired with most things in my backpack. I'm hoping I'll still look good whilst travelling around, I don't just want to dress like a tourist! Then again, I'm hoping to embrace the travelling, free spirited-ness of backpackers around the world.

I'm also bearing in mind that whatever I take will have to be handwashed in bathrooms, including underwear! My Dad travelled round America, Central America and South America for a year with only 3 pairs of pants! 

Of course I'll be taking other things, but those are separate blog posts. I'll be doing a toiletries post, and also techy stuff and boredom curing stuff for the long train journeys! 

Now I know I'll definitely have the money, the excitement is building. I'm so excited to be going off into the big wide world and experience life for myself. I'm becoming less and less scared as I get more used to the idea. Since I left Australia I'm feeling much less drawn toward materialistic things, and more towards life lessons, food, experiences and happiness from within rather than happiness from external things. That's what has drawn me to the Hand of Fatima jewellery, maybe my inner hippie is emerging!

What do you think of my packing list? Am I missing any clothes? 


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