Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Lipbalm Review

Dry and chapped lips are the bane of my very existence, and anyone who suffers with the same issue will know that most lipbalms just don't cut it. It's all very well that lots of lipbalms claim to restore and protect the lips, but very few actually deliver. Blistex's Intensive Moisturiser is a favourite of mine, and I've been using it for many years because it always ends up doing the job I need it to do. 

This is a thick and creamy liquid lipbalm which can be applied using the applicator tip on the tube or placed on the finger and applied from there. I personally prefer using my finger, just because it'll cause less bacteria to be harboured on the tip of the lipbalm, and because the finger warms the lipbalm making it much easier to spread. This doesn't have a particular smell; it's sort of creamy and vitaminy, but nothing noticeable. When first applied, it sits on the lips before being absorbed, so this isn't one you can just whack on underneath a lipstick!

The above pictures show my lips before and after use of this lipbalm, and you can probably tell why I love it! About half an hour passed inbetween these pictures being taken, and from only one thick application. This lipbalm really does intensely moisturise and repair chapped, dry and peeling lips.


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