Wednesday, July 9, 2014

eurotrip: route, dates etc!

There’s been a slight reshuffle to my route, and I’m actually buying my Interrail ticket next week! What better time is there to update everyone interested in my adventures? So things money-wise are pretty much sorted. I've got over 50% of my budget already, and I'm well on track to achieving my savings goal (who knows, I might treat myself to nights in actual hotels every now and again if I've got cash to spare!). For those of you who aren't familiar with my plans, I'm set to leave on the 25th of September, and travelling around Europe for a month on the Interrail. My new plans are as follows!

25th September - Leave LDN for Brussels. Journey Duration is around 4 hours, and staying overnight in Brussels and cramming my body with as much authentic Belgian chocolate I can fit.

26th September - Leave Brussels for Berlin. It's a long journey and will probably be an overnight trip, but that means I can save on accommodation for a night with my overnight travel. Arrive in Berlin on the 27th Sept and eating Frankfurts, drinking beer and wearing Lederhosen for 2 nights! Only joking; I've got some spectacular museums and galleries I'd like to go round, but of course, the sausages will come into it at some point!

29th September - Leave Berlin for Venice. Again, an overnight trip, but I'm planning on organising to arrive at about 6am in Venice, which will make for some incredible photos before everyone comes out and starts bustling around. Three nights in Venice, where I plan on eating a lot of amazing Italian food and riding in a gondola eating Gelato!

3rd October - Leave Venice for Florence. Florence is only a quick stop to break up the journey between Venice and Rome, but I'm thinking I'd like to take an Italian cooking class while I'm there. Who better to teach me than the Italians?

4th October - Leave Florence for Rome. Rome is one of the most awe inspiring places I could ever dream of visiting. I'm probably going to burst into tears when I see the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum! Just two nights for me in Rome before I set sail for Barcelona! I've decided a cruise through the Mediterranean mid-way through my trip could be quite therapeutic and scenic. 

7th October - Arrive off my sailboat in Barcelona, and I firmly believe this will be time to party and , relax! I'm spending about a week here, so I'll have plenty of time to just relax and fingers crossed, sit on the beach if the weather permits it! 

13th October - Leave Barcelona for Madrid, where I'll only take a quick overnight stopgap. I'd like to look around the beautiful markets in Madrid, and do a bit of tapas and sangria consuming, and then I'm off again!

15th October - Leave Madrid for quite a long journey to Albufeira in Portugal. I went here once before on a family holiday and absolutely adored this beach town. They've got sea caves and incredible beaches. Of course, though, I'm most excited about authentic Portuguese food (I am slowly realising I'm a gluttonous person living inside a thin person's body). In Portugal for about a week, relaxing again and soaking up the beachiness and general partying.

21st October - Leave Albufeira to set off on my longest journey yet to Paris. It's a long long journey, so I'll organise for it to be overnight to save money and time. I'll arrive in Paris late on the 20th of October, leaving me about 4 days in Paris before returning home to England.

20th October - PARIS! Crepes! Louvre! Tour Eiffel! Versailles! Montmartre! Paris is going to absolutely stun me, and I am trying to emotionally prepare for the embarrassing outbursts of crying I'll probably emit. I've decided to go there last because I feel I'd like my Parisian memories to last in my memory, and also because it's closest to home, meaning I won't have to have a really long journey back to London where I'll just want to get home ASAP.

24th October - Hotfooting it back to the UK, just in time before my 30 day Interrail pass runs out! The journey from Paris to the UK can be done in about 3 or 4 hours with my pass, and I'll probably be glad to be going home for a nice shower and to sort out all my photos! 

What do you think of this route? Is backpacking alone something you'd consider doing? Anyone got any recommendations of things I should see/do in any particular cities? Peace and love!



  1. Im so jealous of this trip! I really want to travel around Europe, especially Italy, so much history and culture to explore! Sounds like you're going to have an amazing time.
    I visited Paris last year and would definitely recommend the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur, it's beautiful and great views across Paris as well. Also for lots of attractions in Paris you can get a discount for being under 25 so make sure to check for that, Im pretty sure we got in the Louvre for free!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  2. Me and my boyfriend are going to Rome in 8 days! I'll be sure to give you some tips after my trip ;) don't get too excited about seeing the Trevi Fountain, I've read a couple of days ago that it's getting renovated and it's covered in scaffoldings :( the work will be going on till the end of 2015 which is really gutting but hey! The route looks really fun, good luck on your travels!

    Sara, xx


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