Saturday, October 18, 2014

M&S Underwear Haul

Who doesn't love a new set or two of pretty, girly, sexy underwear? I'm a self confessed underwear addict, and I can barely even jam my underwear drawer shut at the moment, but I simply couldn't resist whipping out my credit card to order these 3 absolutely gorgeous sets from the M&S website a few days ago. I saw the feature on the lingerie in this month's Company magazine, and instantly jumped on the website and filled up my cart with these three irresistible beauties. I'm not proud to admit that I spent £70 on them, but honestly, they make me look and feel a million dollars, and underwear is a human right..right?! 

The red embroidered set is incredible, and is actually my first and only red underwear set. I'm in love with longline bras because they add much needed volume on top, and balcony cups also help to emphasize a small chest. They're a brilliant crimson which looks really pretty with my skintone, but the embroidery keeps it slightly cute. The bows and the buttons are so girly and sweet, and they're also on the bottoms so they're pretty much perfect!

I can't pick a favourite among them, but if I had to say which I think I'll wear most, it would be the floral set. It's absolutely gorgeous with its peachy pinky tones, and it has a slightly vintage feel which I go crazy over! Again, it's detailing is bows and buttons; infinitely cute, but the lace brings out a subtle sexiness. I've tried this on and paraded around in front of the mirror, and honestly I adore this set! I've always had an issue with underwear with being smaller in the boob department, but ladies, if you've got the same problem, go for a longline bra because you can barely tell! 

Then there's the black set, which of course is the sexiest set of the bunch. There's something really classic about a black lace lingerie set that screeeeams sexy, and this one has a bit of extra oopmh in the padding department and cheeky lace bottoms which makes this set to die for! The leopard print bow on this set actually itches my skin when I wear it, but considering it's a bombshell set I'm not too fussed. The knickers from this set are definitely the most flattering of the lot, and really accentuate your booty, so it's a thumbs up from me; they really help me play to my strengths!

I hope this post wasn't too racy! I absolutely adore reading people's underwear hauls and reviews, so ;et me know if you've done a similar post. On a final note, I'd definitely recommend researching underwear shapes and types to help you pick the right ones to help you look and feel amazing! My failsafe tips for flat chested girls are to buy padded everything, go for longline bras which balance your proportions, and play up your body parts that you're more confident with (for me it's my booty, so brazilian fit knickers always make me feel gorgeous!). Most importantly though, feel confident and beautiful in whatever you wear! 


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  1. Ooo these are so pretty!
    I definitely need to take a trip to Marks after reading.
    Great post


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