Thursday, July 3, 2014

outfit: monochrome gingham

Black Crop Jumper £16.99  Missguided // B&W Gingham High Waisted Leggings £3.95  eBay // White Chunky Sole Shoe £22.99  eBay // Handbag £9 Primark // Amplified CrèmeLipstick in Morange £15 MAC 

This is the outfit I wore for my birthday when I went out on a huuuuge girly shopping spree with my dad! I felt a little bit 80's but I am in love with these chunky shoes and I found my monochrome look ended up looking great! I snapped this cheeky picture in the mirror of H&M!



  1. Love this outfit! Please do an outfit with the denim dress from ASOS that you uploaded to instagram :)


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