Friday, July 11, 2014

review: Aussie 'Beach Mate' range

Aussie is a brand that never ever fails to disappoint me, and if you're after a drugstore product that'll knock your socks off, then this brand is as good as it gets. I swear by Aussie, and it is a product I always come back to when I need a product I'm sure will work. 

There is a new summer range called Beach Mate, and it is the well known and well loved Miracle Moist range, but in a beachy, summery themed bottle. I think that the Miracle Moist range is perfect for summer; you know the dry, salty, knotty mess you hair can be after a day at the beach, and I've always loved the moisturising properties of that range to fix the problem. The shampoo, conditioner and Three Minute Miracle are formulated with Australian Queensland Macadamia Nut extract which helps condition and smooth hair. Annoyingly, this product isn't even sold in Australia! I looked for it the whole time I lived there, unfortunately it doesn't exist which is a bit silly.

Can we just get to the smell of this range? If you've not tried any of the Aussie shampoos or conditioners, you're missing out on what could probably win the Best Smelling Hair Product Of All Time award. It's gorgeously fresh and sweet, and actually stays on your hair after you've washed it off. As for the conditioning and moisturising claims? This product actually does what it says on the bottle. It stops my locks from looking their usual dry, wispy selves and transforms them from rubbish looking to smooth and soft. It adds a bit of shine, too, and the smell, THE SMELLLLLL!

The Intensive Treatment Mask, which is actually the Reconstructor formula works wonders for me. I use it in the shower after a light conditioner use, and leave it on for about 5 minutes, then rinse off. It smells amazing and I genuinely notice a bit of a reduction in the splittyness of my ends (though I know it is scientifically impossible for it to 'cure' my split ends, it certainly makes the ends nourished and smooth so that my split ends are barely noticeable). I swear by this deep conditioning treatment, and it's an affordable alternative for something more expensive which does the same thing.

Overall, it's a wonderful product that you can pick up from any Boots or Superdrug for a really affordable price. Mine were actually 3 for £10, result! So I got the whole range, which usually lasts around a month for me. Massive thumbs up on my end!


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  1. I've just bought this set so can't wait to use it! Can't believe they don't sell it in Australia though lol x


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