Sunday, July 13, 2014

top 5: nude lipsticks

Nude lipsticks are a staple that every girl should have in her makeup bag. They are so easy and effortless, and can really complete your makeup look and make you look 'done'. I've rounded up my top 5 most used nudes, which was actually quite a challenge given that 90% of my lipstick collection are every-day wearable nudes! This lot are my old faithfuls; ones I reach for if I don't know which lipstick to use and they always end up looking pretty.

MAC Angel
Everyone in the blogging world will have heard of this beauty. It's one of MAC's top sellers ever, and it suits so many people's skintones. It's a frosty pink nude, with the perfect amount of shimmer so that your lips look 'done' but not overdone. This one's the stumpiest of the bunch, indicating how much I've picked it up!

MAC Peach Blossom
When I bought this, I'd seen Shaaanxo use it in one of her videos, and I wasn't really looking forward to it's arrival because she'd said it was just a 'whatever' lip colour. When it came, however, I fell completely head over heels in love with it. It's a subtly shimmering peachy pink, which gives your complexion a little bit of a glow. Since I got it, I've used it almost every time I've done my makeup and I can't sing it's praises enough. 

Lime Crime Coquette
This little baby is incredible. If you're looking for the creamiest and most opaque lip colour the world has ever seen, then you need to get on these lipsticks. Coquette is a perfect peachy beige nude, which comes out exactly how it looks in the tube. On top of that, it's staying power is incredible and it stains the skin (I had to scrub off this swatch in the shower the day after I applied it!). I've heard that the formula has changed recently, which means this tube has to last me as long as possible!

NYX Pure Nude
This is a cult favourite among beauty bloggers and YouTubers and I've got to say, I love this colour. This one's more of a dramatic nude; one I'd wear for clubbing or when I'm doing dramatic eye looks that call for a very nude, plain lip. It's pretty pale and peachy, and while it is a good match for my skintone, some of you ladies might need to watch out for it being lighter than your skin, which can look a little strange! This is a really creamy formula though; it tends to slide around a bit in warm weather but it's nothing I've found a little touch up can't fix!

MAC Creme Cup
The latest addition to my lipstick collection is MAC Creme Cup, but it has settled in very very well. It's a gorgeous mid pink nude, and I adore the colour as well as it's texture which I'd describe as 'almost matte'. It glides on really smoothly, and although you've got to be a bit careful not to overdo your eyes because the lip colour is quite pink, it compliments my skin and looks pretty with a lot of looks.



  1. I'm desperate to try Creme Cup, it's sooo pretty! Lovely post :)

    Ashleigh :)

  2. Hi Jasmine, I'm so desperate to get my hands on some Lime Crime, love the swatch :) I nominated you for a Liebster award if you're interested sweetie, here: Eleni xx

  3. Lime Crime Coquette looks gorgeous! Lovely post :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

  4. Beautiful shades! Love creme cup & angel.

    Ali |

  5. I'm probably the only blogger ever who really does not get on with Macs Angel! Haha xxx
    I nominated you for the Liebster award. Check out my post to find out what you need to do :)

  6. these are such gorgeous shades. i would love to try MAC creme cup x


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