Friday, October 10, 2014

❀ Instagram Diary: Issue 1

Pre-work selfie. I filmed this look and absolutely love it. I’ve got such a love for these autumn berry red and plum lips and minimal eyes. It’s a little bit vampy and a little bit sexy but I still think it is pretty and sophisticated. I got lots of compliments on this one yesterday!
Elliot and I went to the pub for a couple of drinks the other night. And by a couple of drinks I mean about 6 glasses of rose. Oops!

Here’s the view from my work. I work in the most beautiful, traditional English pub on the beach in Devon, and it’s such a historic building and I just love everything about it. The view was particularly beautiful the other day, so I took a picture and now it is my wallpaper.

Another view from my work. I’m absolutely in love with the place I live and if you did happen to follow my Instagram you’d be constantly bombarded with scenery and sunsets! I sat out on the wall after a shift with some friends and the sunset was looking gorgeous. Though it’s definitely getting colder now, eek!

This is what an ill, drunk, cold, tired boyfriend looks like while he waits for the bus to come. I was on best-girlfriend-in-the-world duty and my job was to get him home before he started becoming nightmarish (haha). I’d just finished a long shift at work and it was truly truly freezing down by the sea!

I’ve been poorly with a bad cold the past week or so, and so this is when my gorgeous, lovely, incredibly sweet and thoughtful boyfriend showed up at mine with white roses (my favourite) as a complete surprise to cheer me up. They’ve been looking lovely on my bedside table for the last few days and I love them so so so much.


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