Friday, October 3, 2014

☼ review: American Apparel Jersey T-Shirt Romper

I’m addicted to American Apparel. It is my longest standing, timeless, most loved and cherished clothing brand and I’ve been utterly obsessed for over 5 years or so now. It’s a pain because it’s pretty pricey but I’m always so surprised by how the clothes fit and flatter me and I just feel confident wearing them. Plus, American Apparel is sweatshop free, and I don’t mind paying the extra money knowing it isn’t supporting sweatshops and slavery.

I got this Jersey T Shirt Romper in Athletic Grey, just because it’ll suit me whether my hair is blonde or pink and will be quite neutral against any makeup I wear. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a strictly casual romper; I don’t think I could dress it up enough to wear on a night out. Regardless, this is a perfect summery romper that you can just sort of ‘chuck on’ and go out, but for winter I’m planning on wearing thick tights with it to warm it up a bit!

I’m 52kgs, 5’3” and got this in a size small, and as you can see, it fits absolutely perfectly and flatters my body. Being small on top, I like the bagginess and slouchy style of the high neck t shirt. Then, the shorts are nice and small so they accentuate my curves (where I’ve actually got them!). This little baby was £42 and is basically a whole new outfit. I love it, I’m obsessed!


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