Thursday, October 16, 2014

☼ review: BLEACH LONDON Violet Skies

As you may know by now, I’m partial to a bit of pastel coloured hair, and by 'partial', I mean I'm absolutely obsessed with it! I tried out BLEACH LONDON's dye in Rose before (link) and since then, I've tried the Crazy Colour options, which honestly I've not been blown away by. I decided to go back to my first love BLEACH LONDON and try out Violet Skies, the most gorgeous pale pastel lavender/lilac shade. 

Violet Skies is £5 from Boots, and I ordered mine online and it came in 2 days! You get 150ml in a bottle, which manages to cover my long-ish thick-ish hair from top to bottom, with some left over for extra splodges over the ends and roots. The dye doesn't smell bad, is nice and creamy and spreads really well through the damp hair.

First, I toned my hair using Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo (link) and left it on for aaaaages, and when I rinsed it off, I'd already got some lilac streaks in my hair, and the rest was a truly silver colour. I'd definitely recommend doing this step before dying your blonde hair lavender; there'd be nothing worse than a horrible greeny-yellow tinged purple! 

Directly after rinsing the shampoo, I jumped out of the shower, towel dried and combed out my hair, and began to apply the dye. There's no real method to my madness! I'm no way professional and I have absolutely no skill when it comes to hair dye, but I managed to slap it on all over and then I left it on for about 20-25 mins (the directions say 15 mins but my shower didn't decide to turn on, and it didn't have any adverse effects!).

I rinsed that off until the water ran clear. The directions don't say you should condition, so I just towel dried my hair again, then applied my trusty Tresemme Platinum Leave in Treatment (link) and massaged it in, just to give it back that much needed moisture! I then blow dried my hair and scrunched it up a bit with my hands to give it that textured surf look. 

I absolutely LOVE Bleach London's Violet Skies, it is such a lilac lavender beauty! I hope you like my new do as much as I do; it's going to take a bit of getting used to with the different colours I'll be needing to swap in my wardrobe and makeup bag, but that'll be fun to experiment with. Let me know what you think about it in the comments or via twitter!



  1. Oh god that colour is literally so gorgeous! I've wanted pastely lilac hair for so so, long but everytime I tried it has gone so wrong! It's literally been a horror story, now my hairs a medium blonde, not as light as it used to be, so would need a bleach but this colour looks so nice so I'm tempted!!

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  2. Ahhh I love this colour! It really suits you too, this product is the best. You inspired me to review my experience on using it too although it's not got as much detail as yours, check it out xxxx

  3. I've tried the dyes in the past but they haven't shown up on my hair as it is blonde but just not light enough. I love the result on your hair such a pretty pastel purple!

    Beth | MissCosmeticBlogger


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