Tuesday, October 28, 2014

☼ review: Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo

I’ve been blonde for most of my teenage years, and so I definitely feel I’m a bit of an expert on keeping your blonde healthy and pretty looking. There’s a lot of damage and dryness that can be caused by bleach on your hair, and it can be difficult to minimise breakage and dulling of the colour without knowing all the tips and tricks. For me, brassiness is one of my main concerns, which is why I’m absolutely loving this Pro:Voke Touch of Silver shampoo!

When you’re a blonde, the colour can become brassy. In short, it’s a chemical reaction which happens if there’s too many colours on the hair, or if sulphates or other nasties are in your shampoos. To combat this, you can pick up a violet pigmented shampoo which counteracts the orange colour and restores your hair to it’s beautiful ashy former glory.

I got this wonderful shampoo from Superdrug yesterday on offer for £2.04 (bargain!!) so compared to other violet pigmented shampoos, it’s right at the bottom of the price scale. Don’t be put off by the tiny price; cheaper is not always worse! This shampoo is so intensely pigmented with the violet, you don’t need much and it tones the hair really well. Some purple shampoos are really rubbish with spreading and lathering, however this isn’t something I’ve found with my new favourite; this one foams up really well and spreads all over my hair.

I usually leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing, just to ensure I’ve really given my hair a good tone. This has been brilliant with my lavender hair too! It restores some of the purple pigment while still cleaning my hair, so the colour doesn’t fade too rapidly. All in all, this is a star buy for us blondes, and it’s ridiculously cheap. This is a constant repurchase for me!


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