Thursday, October 9, 2014

☼ review: Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak

I can get quite stressed and run down from working such crazy shifts down at the pub, so I always like to take a couple of hours out of my days off to really chill out and pamper myself with a bath, some candles and my favourite magazine. I’ve been reaching for Sanctuary’s Foaming Bath Soak recently after my grandma gifted it to me when I went to visit her, and I’m so pleased with this little luxury. Sanctuary is a brand which screeeeeams ‘pamper’, and since trying this, I’m building up a long list of things I’d love to try.

I pour a generous amount under hot running water and swish it around. It creates loads of bubbles and they’re creamy looking and makes the water feel almost velvety. I love the smell, too, which is a sort of warm vanilla. It’s packed with wheat proteins and aloe vera to soothe and nourish the skin as you inhale the deliciousness! My bubble bath pamper time just wouldn’t be the same without this little beauty, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing a bottle for £6 from Boots when I run out. Who knows which other Sanctuary products I’ll pick up! Do you guys have any recommendations?


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  1. I absolutely love sanctuary and have done for years, you can never go wrong with it! xo


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