Tuesday, October 21, 2014

☼ review: Tresemme Platinum Strength Leave In Renewing Complex

I don’t want to sound dramatic here, but I would die without this product. Ok, not really, but it is my absolute saviour and I love it. As someone who seems to be constantly trying to damage my hair, be it with bleach, crazy dye colours or incessant straightening, I do make the effort to use products to heal, smooth and soften my usually dry locks. Leave in treatments are perfect because they work constantly between showers, smoothing and anti-frizzing and repairing your hair.

Tresemme is always a winner when it comes to drugstore haircare. They’ve got a massive range of shampoos and conditioners, and in the more recent years, they’ve got themselves a really good range of leave in treatments. This is by far my favourite, though, not only because of it’s smell, the fact it spreads really beautifully through my hair and noticeably softens it, but also because of the miniature price tag and because it makes my hair swishy and nourished feeling (something very unusual for a chronic bleacher with lots of split ends!)

I apply this when I get out of the shower after washing my hair. I towel dry it, then take quite a generous amount (about 4 pumps) and rub my palms together and distribute it evenly through my damp hair using my fingers is combing motions. I work the rest of it up into my roots and then dry and style my hair as usual. I notice such a difference in my hair’s texture when I use this leave in treatment, and over time my hair is becoming much less damaged despite the abuse it gets! This is a wonder product, and can be picked up from Superdrug for pennies!



  1. I've never thought of trying their treatments, as a chronic hair bleacher to, this sounds like something my hair would love. KBxx


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