Friday, October 17, 2014

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From a really young age I always knew I wanted to get a couple of tattoos. I’m not someone who wants to be covered, but I think they’re so special and are perfect for just expressing who you are and I love knowing mine will be with me forever.

My sun is an Aztec design that I was inspired to get because my Dad has one similar to this on his arm. I’ve grown up loving the tattoo and always knew I wanted one like it. It’s representative of him and the love we have always shared, despite me spending three years away from him on the opposite side of the world. The sun is such a powerful symbol as well, and it’s the only ‘God’ I’ll ever sort of worship; it brings us life and light and it’s such a positive image.

The roman numerals are my birth date, and I think they’re just a gorgeous little pretty tattoo which you can see a lot more than my sun. I love how it peeps out of most tops I wear. I’ve just always loved the look of roman numerals, and my birthday is personal to me so I thought it was a cute idea.

I do want more tattoos in the future, but my family and I have a ‘1 year’ policy, which means we have to want a specific design for over a year before we can get it done, just to be on the safe side!


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