Thursday, October 30, 2014

☯ wishlist: H&M Underwear Edit

I’m a total underwear addict. There’s nothing that makes me day come together more than when I’ve got a matching set of pretty undies on! I’ve been browsing around for a new few pairs because it’s been ages since I have bought some really nice sets. My last lot were from M&S, but I was amazed when I came across these on H&M’s website. Look at how gorgeous they are! H&M have really upped their lingerie game, as well as their cosmetics range which is taking the blogging community by storm. Anyway, if any of you ladies want to feel sexy and pretty in some beautiful underwear sets, check out H&M’s offering because they’ve got these gorgeous ones that I’m dying for! Roll on payday! 


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  1. I've just had a massive H7M Lingeire haul today. They have so many nice things in I went a little over board.


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