Sunday, November 9, 2014

☼ review: RealTechniques Duo Fibre Brush Set

I treated myself to some new makeup brushes! Yay! Now, these are definitely cult favourites among my fellow beauty bloggers, but when I finally got my mitts on them, I was left beyond confused and it took me ages to get my head around them, but now I can officially say I am pretty much a master of the RealTechniques Duo-Fibre brush set!

For starters I tried to use the Duo-Fibre Face Brush as a sort of stippling brush for my liquid foundation: ridiculous move. I’ve found that this brush is best for a light application (and I mean light) of pressed powder, and for the application of powder blush. This brush gives such a light, even sheen of colour and blends out powder brilliantly. It only picks up a small amount of product, but seems to make it go quite far. I’d say that if you wanted a fuller coverage, to go for a thicker bristled powder brush, but for un-done daytime looks, this creates the perfect barely there look.

The Duo-Fibre Contour Brush is another firm favourite which has almost taken the place of my NARS Ita Kabuki (egad!) because, again, it blurs out powder products so seamlessly and really helps me sculpt out my cheekbones using bronzer or a contour powder. I have found a match made in heaven with this brush and the Illamasqua Sculpting Powder in the shade Heliopolis, because the shade is a subtle matte bronze which doesn’t look obvious or too thick or dark, and the brush, with its ultra-fine bristles blends it out perfectly to create a natural shadow effect.

The Duo-Fibre Eye Brush is my favourite of the bunch, and has got to be one of the best blending eyeshadow brushes available to buy. I can’t really explain the technology of it, but the teeny tiny white bristles pick up the most miniscule amount of the eyeshadow and then effortlessly blends them out into such a gorgeous smokey looking sheen of colour. My favourite way to use this brush is with my Naked and Naked 3 palettes, because Urban Decay eye shadows are ultra-pigmented and so easy to blend out. You can create some really seamless, beautiful smokey looks using this brush and it’s always the tool I go to now when I’m working on my eyes.

This collection is a must have for blending perfection, and it just makes applying your powder products so easy; it would be impossible to mess it up with these babies. I got mine online for a discounted price during a website’s sale, but I believe you can still get them for a very reasonable £15 or so pounds! I highly recommend these brushes, they’re such a welcome addition to my collection and they certainly haven’t disappointed me.



  1. The Duo-Fibre Face Brush is my favourite! I love it for applying bronzer. I don't use the Eye Brush that much because I find the fibres scratch and irritate my eyelids :( But yeah such a great price for them!

    Jill |


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