Monday, November 3, 2014

☼ review: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

I feel like this may be one of the more mundane posts but I feel like facial cleansing wipes are overlooked a whole lot within the blogging community, but they DO matter and it’s definitely important for me to find the right ones. I’ve used all sorts of face wipes; Primark’s £1 offering, MAC’s much more expensive ones, and I’ve finally settled on my perfect wipes which I trust completely and have come to adore. Simple is a brand which I return to time and time again; it’s their lovely philosophy and no-nonsense ingredients which always keep me coming back. They’re cheap and cheerful, effective, and you know you’re not smothering a load of nasty chemicals all over your skin.

These wipes contain 2 vital vitamins, zero colours, zero fragrances, zero alcohol and zero oil. They come in packs of 25, and I always manage to time my hoarding of them when they’re on special offer in Boots, and they’re only around £2.20 a pack. These wipes are lightly textured to help you remove the makeup, but aren’t so coarse as to irritate your skin. These gently manage to remove my layers and layers of thick black eye makeup, too, and don’t sting my eyes at all. Of course, I use these as part of my makeup removal routine, as they couldn’t do the entire job themselves, but they’re a wonderful little pack at a more than reasonable price. They’re an absolute essential and I wouldn’t use any other brand’s wipes!


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  1. totally agree! definitely the best wipes out there.


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