Thursday, December 11, 2014

Winter Blush Wardrobe


The cold weather always brings a very welcome pale quality to my skin, which I absolutely adore and love to play on. I love embracing my pale skin, and I’ve now got a solid base routine which I feel makes me look naturally glowing in the colder months. Despite my love of a very light skin tone, I always love to add a flush of colour to my cheeks. These are my winter blush favourites because they always manage to make me look healthy, full of colour and snuggly warm in the cold winter air.

The first is E.L.F Tickled Pink which is a very pastel peach toned blush, and a shade I would probably describe as ‘barely there’. It’s a shade perfect for my winter blush wardrobe, because it adds a slight glow to my complexion during those freezing winter days. It’s very much an every-day shade, and pretty effortless, too. I can just sweep it on my cheeks and, to be honest, it only adds a very slight tone to my cheeks but it is just enough to perk up my makeup.

GOSH Melon blush is next, and this one is so unbelievably sheer and peachy again. It’s one of those everyday shades which perks me up again, and I love this one because it’s so affordable and easy to track down in Superdrug. It comes in at around £6, and for the price, it’s a good texture which blends out nicely. The shade is similar to the E.L.F one; a wearble peach which adds a subtle glow and warmth.

NO7 Coral Flush is the pinkest of all my winter blushes, as I prefer to lean more towards brightening, warming shades with orangey undertones, but there’s something about this crisp pink that draws me to wear it in winter. I think it makes you look so cute and cold; it is that classic ‘rosy cheeks’ colour. This one’s slightly more pricey, but still very much drugstore and easy enough to track down. This is a really nice texture too, and the shade always makes me feel pretty in pink.

NARS Deep Throat is my ultimate favourite of the bunch; a perfect peachy pink with tiny flecks of glitter to really help you illuminate your tired, pale wintery complexion. I fall in love with this baby more and more every time I use it as I believe it compliments my skintone beautifully, especially when it’s at it’s palest, and warms up my face and brightens me without looking too ‘caked’. The glitter is seriously subtle, and just acts to highlight your skin and make you look awake and flushed with colour. This is definitely more of a pricey one, but I’ll never love another blush more.

NARS Orgasm (oh, NARS, you cheeky chaps with those sexy names) is an absolute cult favourite, so I doubt you need to know too much about it. It’s a rich pinky toned blush with miniscule flecks of golden glitter dust which simply makes your skin radiant, flushed and full of life. This one is so highly pigmented and slightly on the bolder side, so I prefer to wear mine for winter evenings and festive parties as you can get away with a little more makeup after dark, but even so, a light dusting of this during the day will make you look positively rosy.

Which blushes are in your winter wardrobe? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter! 



  1. I have to say I really like the coral flush color. It compliments your skin tone very nicely. I'm very pale and I always worry that those pinkish shades will just end up making me look sickly! Hahaha. Blushes usually intimidate me too much, I don't often wear them, but I'm so tempted to get the coral flush or the deep throat, they look amazing.

    If you wouldn't mind, I'd love it if you took a peek at my ootd post, it's my first one and I'm looking forward to any feedback! :)
    Happy Holidays,


  2. I like the look of the Nars shades! I dont yet own any Nars blushes, these look good starter shades though x

  3. I'm currently using "Blushing Hearts" which is a dupe of the two faced sweethearts blush!

    P.s I've also put you on my top 10 favourite blogs!

    Emma xo

  4. Nars blushes are my favourite! Love the deep thoat colour!

  5. you can never go wrong with a nars blush! deep throat is definitely a favourite! (& i'll still never get used to their names haha)

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  6. My favourite here is the No7 shade although I love my MAC 'springsheen' at the moment.

    Good post! Really want to start vlogging so will check out your YouTube videos for some inspiration! xx


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