Friday, January 23, 2015

Bleach London Live Forever Shampoo

Having booked my hairdresser’s appointment to finally get rid of the pastel purple for good, there’s no better time to review this little beauty by Bleach London. It’s their Live Forever shampoo, which aims to fight the fade and protect your hair colour for longer, which was exactly what I needed! I used the Bleach London colour in Violet Skies to achieve my lavender locks, and it fades quickly as it is only a temporary colour. I ended up re-dying my hair (£5!!) every time I wanted to wash it, which became quite an expensive habit! I looked online to find a solution and came across Bleach London’s own colour protection shampoo.

First of all, I really like the look of the packaging of Bleach London’s products; they’re really grungey and fun. I love the look of the screw tops and they last a good long while with their 250ml size. With regards to practicality, maybe these bottles aren’t the best for using in the shower, as it’s hard to re-screw the lid with a handful of product, but even so, they’re pretty! At £5 a bottle, they’re easily affordable and, as I mentioned before, they do last me a while. I bought mine from a larger Boots store as the smaller ones don’t tend to stock any of the Bleach London products.

As a shampoo, I really like it. It smells pretty neutral, it’s easy to lather up and rinses out without leaving any residue. I genuinely feel like I’ve got good clean hair after using it. However, when it comes to colour fade, I think it made a bit of a difference, but I can’t be sure. I built up a lot of dye on my hair after a while, and so I’m not sure if it was the shampoo preserving my colour or the fact that I had a lot of colour build up. Over time, though, I did notice the dye starting to fade, but it was noticeably slower than before when I was just using my Lee Stafford shampoo and conditioner.

I didn’t ever pick up the matching conditioner, but after trying the shampoo I’d say it would be worth a try! I don’t tend to gravitate toward colour protection shampoos though, as usually I’m blonde and require a more nourishing range, but I’m sure I’ll still pick this up every now and again because it’s a gentle but effective cleanser. Overall, a thumbs up from me!


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