Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Health Apps I'm Loving

New Year, New Me! I know a lot of us have made that pledge at the beginning of the month, and regardless of how determined we are at first, it’s always easy to slip back into your old ways. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or tone up, or to quit a bad eating habit, I’ve found a few apps I’m absolutely adoring.

My Fitness Pal (Free)
This app is for the obsessive among us (*raises hand*) and lets you log your calorie intake and exercise for the day. It’s got pretty much every food in the database and you can log in what you’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and how much water you’ve drunk. You can also add in any exercise you’ve done which minuses the calories from your overall intake. It gives you a calorie goal in order to reach your target weight, and so far, I’m doing really well and using it as great motivation. For those of you who aren’t dead set on losing weight, it’s still a fab app to track what you’re putting in your body and can help you work out healthier ways of feeling full and experimenting with different foods.

30 Day Abs & 30 Days Squat (Free)
These are two little fabulous free apps which challenge you to complete a certain number of squats and abs exercises a day for 30 days. There are different levels of difficulty and you can work your way up to those Olympic athlete abs and that Kardashian booty. These are great motivators to get your squats and sit ups done, and they’re short bursts of exercise and don’t take long at all. Plus you don’t need any gym equipment and you can do them whilst getting your daily Jezza fix in your living room.

600 Calories (£0.99)
This app is absolutely wonderful. It’s a recipe app, bigger than any cookbook I’ve ever come across, and features a massive range of meals with 600 calories or less. They’re not boring foods either; they’re mouth-watering dishes like garlic and spinach linguine and creamy tomato tuna. There’s images to go with them, and you’re able to add items to your shopping list and favourite recipes. You’re given the method, yield and all the ingredients needed, and so far I’ve been so inspired. It’s really shaken up my cooking and I’m feeling healthier for putting more good stuff in!

Which health apps should I have a look at? Which have been helping you? How is your new years resolution going?



  1. I have MyFitnessPal.. I often forget to log my intake though! xo

  2. I have been looking for good fitness/health apps, these look really good! thankyou for the recommendations xx


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