Friday, January 9, 2015

review: Benefit Primer Minis

My wonderful boyfriend very unexpectedly bought me a Benefit set as a little pre-christmas treat. It was the Funsize Flirts pack, which contained a load of their best sellers, and honestly, I almost cried.

That Gal Primer
Let’s face it, winter sucks for my skin. I always end up looking gaunt and like I may have died last week. I used to find it so hard to brighten up my skin, but I have been working out a way of perking up my complexion and it all starts with a brightening primer. Benefit’s That Gal is pigmented with a pinky colour, and somehow (science gets involved here) it brightens and perks up your skin, as well as helping your makeup stay put, and creating a lovely smooth canvas for you to work with.

The POREfessional Primer
Honestly I’m not too much of a pore-y person, but I do love the smoothing qualities of this primer. It’s always great for creating that soft base for makeup to go on to, and it makes any redness on my skin settle down a bit. I find that I go for this primer on nights out, because it’s great at preserving the makeup I’ve got on. I’ve got the full size one of these too, and to be honest it’s not one I usually reach for, but it’s a good little primer and this funsize version is great for testing it out.

Stay Don’t Stray
How I love Stay Don’t Stray! It’s a primer that I like to use specifically around the eye area and it’s pretty much Benefit’s version of the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It’s a lovely texture; nice and creamy and sinks in seamlessly. It keeps my eyeshadow on great, and although I only really reach for it when I’m doing a dramatic smokey eye, I do love this little funsize version and I’m desperate for the full size version now!

Instant Comeback Face Serum
I haven’t exactly left the best until last, here! I’m afraid this is a product I could take or leave (but probably leave). It’s an anti-aging face serum, and to be honest, I’ve tried it once, noticed nothing, and shoved it in the back of my drawer. I don’t really know exactly what it is supposed to do, but for me, it’s pretty useless. I’m only 19, so hopefully I haven’t got to break out the anti aging products yet! It would probably be a great little skincare addition to someone with more mature skin, but for me, I’ve got no need for this offering from Benefit!

Have you tried the Funsize Flirts by Benefit? What was your favourite product in there? Keep an eye out for my reviews of the other little lovelies from the box! 


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