Monday, January 26, 2015

TRIANGL Bikini purchase - Milly Indiana Ice

Yes, it is the middle of winter, and yes I do have a major shopping problem. I’ve only gone and bought another TRIANGL bikini. You can check out the review of my last TRAINGL purchase here. I’m utterly and completely obsessed with these babies, but they certainly don’t come cheap. They’re around £72 for the bikini + shipping but as far as I’m concerned, these are the best of the best of swimwear.

TRIANGL bikinis are neoprene (yep, wetsuit material). I don’t know why this has taken the world by storm, but it certainly has. It makes for a thick, supportive and textured bikini. The bikinis all have an instantly recognizable black outline and straps, and unfortunately, I’ve noticed this has been being imitated and faked all across eBay and a few online retailers. Not to worry, though; I’d always purchase the real thing. The prices start from 79USD (about 52GBP) and go up to 89USD (about 59GBP), and since the business started, they’ve added a load of different styles. Depending on what kind of thing you fancy, you can get strapless, triangle top, balconette, leather-look, neon, metallic, zip up, tie up, hook up and much much more!

The next design I’ve chosen to add to my collection is the Milly bikini, a gorgeous balconette style top with the signature TRIANGL low rise brief bottoms. I chose the colour Indiana Ice, described by TRIANGL as ‘optic white’. I love the contrast between the brilliant white and the jet black piping and straps. I’ve purchased this with the top in a size xxs and the bottoms in a size s. The top is a moulded cup this time, and I’m really glad they’ve got a smaller size for this style as otherwise, my 32A chest would be far too small for the bikini. The bottoms are quite rigid, but true to size. My last pair of bikini bottoms from TRIANGL were a small, and fit perfectly, so I’m going with that size again.

I’m so excited for this baby to arrive. Shipping is a flat rate of 20USD, so it brought my grand total up to £71.91GBP! It’s not the cheapest for a bikini, but as I said, I’m not one for fakes, and these bikinis are so wonderful. They are more than worth the money.

Also, a huge part of this bikini purchase mid-winter is to motivate me to achieve my fitness goals! I’ve been getting really disciplined with food recently. When I’m standing at work in the pub next to the pork scratchings, I’m able to resist (somehow!). I love feeling healthier and like I’m nourishing my body while wholesome foods. I’ve even started throwing in the odd sit-ups sessions to try to tone up my abs. You know what they say! Summer bodies are made in winter.


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