Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ultimate 2014 Loves

With 2015 rolling in and making me feel ridiculously old (I’m 20 this year! Gasp!), I put together my ultimate loves from 2014. Not only beauty-wise, 2014 was a year of discovery, risk taking and falling in love, and I’ll remember it forever as the year I moved home from Australia. I also really figured out who I am, which appears to be some kind of grungey, mermaid obsessed, hopeless romantic. I really sorted out a proper beauty routine and decided on what I genuinely loved, so, without further ado, here are my ultimate loves of 2014!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Other eyeshadow palettes come into my life and I fall in love with them for a while, but none of them last as long or make my heart sing in the way that the Naked palette does. Mine is a little tatty and well used, and it’s definitely one for the repurchase list. It just doesn’t matter what I’m doing, where I’m going or how my makeup needs to look, this palette is always the one I reach for because it suits me down to the ground and is so very versatile.

Bleach London Violet Skies
2014 was the year I started experimenting with my hair colour. Up until August last year, I had been blonde or brunette, and while I liked it, I felt like I needed to jazz things up a bit before I got ‘too old’ to do it. I discovered Bleach London on twitter, and first experimented with Rose before moving onto Violet Skies. Violet Skies is the perfect silvery lavender that I’m obsessed with at the moment, and I get so many compliments and feel so unique.

NARS SheerGlow Foundation
Let’s face it, there will never be a foundation that tops this one. It’s beautiful and velvety, and I’m always so in love with how it makes my skin look and the way it applies so beautifully. It’s not the most bank account friendly, but I’ll always find £30 for this little beauty. I’m in the shade Santa Fe, and from the very second I got my hands on this bottle of joy I was hooked, and no matter how much I try to resist reaching for it (to save it for ‘special occasions’) I can never resist it for long.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
I discovered ‘my’ scent at Christmas last year, when my mum bought me a bottle after I’d whined and whined for months. I was obviously immediately hooked, and I haven’t found anyone that doesn’t like the smell of this perfume. It’s now always no. 1 on my Christmas list and I just feel that it suits my personality. It’s light, pretty, playful and youthful(?) as you can tell, I’m not really skilled in the whole ‘describe a perfume’ division, but just in case you need persuading; I LOVE IT, AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE IT.

Garnier Micellar Water
I used to suck at taking off my makeup at the end of the day because I’m extremely lazy and find it hard to muster the energy after a shift down the pub I work at. I always felt grotty about it, and was more than aware of the dirt and grease and makeup which clogged my pores through the night, so when I discovered Garnier Micellar Water (I’ve tried others, but none have been as wonderful as this one) my skincare routine got much easier. This one literally doesn’t sting at all, and lasts for absolutely ages, and works like an absolute dream.

Those are my top picks for 2014! What were yours? Were any of ours the same?


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  1. I'm also 20 this year and I'm feeling so old :(.

    So my favorite products of 2014 are:
    - L'oreal Nude Magic foundation, it's just awesome on the skin.
    - Bleach London but the rosé one is my favorite. I'm naturally brunette and i lived a hell to became blond and when i finally had a perfect blond i dyed my hair pink and i loved it plus i wanted to do it for so long, i was so happy.
    - Brown Lip Pencil, from a French brand named Yves rocher, i'm addicted, i'm using it almost every day.
    - Mixa Micellar water, I didn't tried the garnier one because Garnier products make my skin look terrible, so i found the mixa one but the Bioderma one is so good too.



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