Saturday, February 14, 2015

h o m e i n s p o board on Pinterest

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have already seen that I got an unconditional offer to UWE for Journalism! I’m so so so proud of myself, so excited and so happy that my life has finally sorted itself out. When I made the decision to move back to England from Australia, I wasn’t sure if I would ever get into university in England. It has always been something that has scared me, but now I can start planning my future starting with moving into my very own private studio flat in Bristol’s buzzing city centre! 

My building is currently under construction, but after my visit to my new city I can see that it’s well on its way to being completed. Elliot and I are splitting the rent and costs 50/50, meaning he will commute down to Devon twice a week for his university course but be living in Bristol with me!

With all this being said, I’ve been doing a load of house decor research, and of course I’ve started a Pinterest board with loads of inspiration for interior decor. I’m loving shabby chic and country style decor, but the flat itself is going to be quite modern. I’m hoping to keep it pretty minimalistic, and I’ve decided on pale pastels and whites and greys for the colour scheme. If you do check out my Pinterest board, I hope you like it!  


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