Thursday, February 19, 2015

Soap & Glory Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen

II’m a self confessed liquid eyeliner fiend. If there’s one thing I know, it’s black liquid eyeliner and my favourite form is definitely the felt tip pen. I’ve got a collection of probably ten or fifteen of these pen style felt eyeliners, and I’ve tried and tested the cheapest to the more expensive end of the spectrum. Soap and Glory, who have been releasing more and more makeup products over the past year, have put their SuperCat liner on the market which has taken the bloggersphere by storm! I picked mine up for £3 over the Christmas sales, and have used it almost every day since then.

The SuperCat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen retails for £6 usually, so I was pretty happy to grab mine in the sales for only £3. It’s probably about mid-range for a drugstore eyeliner. I’ve been so impressed by this liner for it’s dark, thick, opaque lines, and I love the felt tip for it’s precision and softness. You can tend to find that some of the cheaper options have quite stiff, almost sharp tips which aren’t very comfortable to use, but Soap and Glory’s offering is soft, delicate and thin. The tip tapers out so you can create a thicker, bolder line if you like. As for the staying power and strength of the pigments in the liner, they’re top notch! They’re better than the Maybelline and Rimmel liners that I’ve tried which are much more expensive. The line it delivers is such a crisp black, and stays for absolutely hours. 

I absolutely love this liquid liner from Soap and Glory, and as I said, I’ve been rocking it pretty much every day since I’ve bought it. I love to shade my crease with a bronzer, then sweep a thin black line above my lashes for an effortless day time look. To take the look from day to night, I draw over the line again and thicken it out, and add a bold colour on my lips like MAC Morange for a classic glam look. Liquid eyeliners are so versatile and useful in every day makeup, so I would definitely recommend making the transition from kohl to liquid if you haven’t already! Have you tried SuperCat by Soap and Glory? What did you think?


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