Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector

If there’s one thing The Body Shop knows, it’s skincare. I got my Hemp Hand Protector from my mum for Christmas as she’s always trying to make me take better care of my hands and nails. I’ve always been a biter and a picker, but the problem is a lot worse because they don’t heal quickly enough and that tempts me to bite again! This is why I adore the Hemp Hand Protector so so much, because it works almost magically overnight to restore my hands to their soft selves.

It’s an intensely rich, thick and buttery cream which comes in one of The Body Shop’s signature foil tubes, which I love. Hemp is intensely nourishing, and this cream comes from The Body Shop’s most powerful range of moisturising products. They say “OUR HEMP PRODUCTS DELIVER HEAVY-DUTY HYDRATION FOR VERY DRY SKIN. OUR RANGE HAS BEEN DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED AND HELPS TO RESTORE THE SKIN’S MOISTURE.”

I simply send my goodnight texts to the boyfriend (nothing worse than a sticky, creamy phone) and then slather a good load onto my hands, paying particular attention to my nails and the ends of my fingers. Then I fall asleep! As I said earlier, the cream penetrates the skin through the night and works to nourish, hydrate and repair so deeply. It then continues to protect your hands for 24 hours, keeping moisture and relieving dryness all day. This is a must have skincare product if you suffer from very dry skin, or, like me, you’re a biter and you’re trying to stop! I love this because it makes my hands look and feel pretty, and puts me off wanting to ruin that. For £5 from any Body Shop, this is a definite handbag essential!



  1. I love this stuff and have been using it for years now! x


  2. This is my all time favourite hand cream. It is just so thick and creamy making it perfect for chapped winter hands! x

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  3. I am obsessed with this hand cream! It's so thick and moisturising!



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