Saturday, February 21, 2015

TRIANGL Milly Indiana Ice Bikini Review

Oh TRIANGL, when will you stop being so tantalising and irresistible? My previous Triangl bikini review has been one of my most popular posts (link), which was on the California Coral Chloe bikini. I basically lived in that bikini over the summer, so naturally I decided I needed another one. Their bikinis are so beautiful; they’re clean, streamlined, flattering and supportive. They are made of neoprene so they’re awesome for being in the water, they hold their shape perfectly and while they do take a little bit of TLC, they’re undoubtedly the most popular bikini brand among bloggers right now. 

This time I decided on the Milly Indiana Ice bikini, a moulded top with the signature black seams and the usual bikini briefs. This bikini is in ‘optic white’, a brilliant, perfect white which I chose to make myself look a bit more tanned (what with me being as pale as a vampire most of the time) and to contrast with the black stitching for a bold impact. Ahhhhh, how I fall in love every time I see it!

The bikini cost me £75 on the website for shipping included, but after it arrived I received a tax invoice for an additional £23 (not ideal), so it has turned out to be the most ridiculously expensive item in my wardrobe at the moment. This aside, I am in love with it. The order process is great; you can chat to an online sales service provider to ask for help with sizing, and you can select a top and a bottom in separate sizes. I ordered the xxs top which fits my 34A chest perfectly, and the bottoms in s because I do have quite a sizeable booty for my size. The bottoms hug my body and hold everything in (no risk of them falling down at all) and the top almost provides a push-up bra effect, making my boobs look a bit bigger and they feel very supported. 

They shipped the day after I paid, and came to my door about a week after that. I was really impressed with the service they give; you can check where in the world the parcel is and they’re helpful with telling you when your parcel is due to arrive so you can arrange to be in. It arrived in a huge rectangular box with TRIANGL’s logo on the front, and each piece inside was contained in it’s own plastic bag. I was pretty disappointed that this bikini doesn’t come with a bag like my other one did, because I found that so handy and I’ve been using that as my beach bag for over a year now, but the box has actually worked out to be an awesome storage box for both bikinis to keep them flat and clean. 

The neoprene does tend to mark and, unless it is left flat, it can become folded over and creased. I stuffed my old TRIANGL bikini in its bag and left it in there for a while, and when I removed it from the bag, I had to iron it out really carefully. These bikinis must be hand washed only, and must be protected with another item when ironing out marks. All in all, care is pretty easy if you just rinse out the pieces after you’ve been swimming and hang it somewhere to dry off! I won’t be making the same mistakes with this pure white number as I did with the California Coral bikini!

All in all, this bikini is my favourite of my TRIANGL mini collection; it’s a much more flattering shape for smaller chested girls than the triangl style tie-up top. Plus, the colour makes me feel bronzed and goddess like rather than a pale, washed out ghoul! Yes, it is beyond pricey, and I sometimes can’t even believe I’ve spend that kind of money on a bikini when I live in grey old england, but when I put it on I fall in love all over again. These bikinis are perfect examples of ‘you get what you pay for’ and they’re such incredible quality; so sturdy and so thick. They’re my ultimate beach accessory. If you’ve reviewed a TRIANGL Bikini, I’d love to read your experience with it! Leave me a comment with a link below so I can check it out.



  1. Hi, I have a question as to whether or not the suit shows any kind of wear and tear. I occasionally get spray tans and am a rather frequent user of self tanner. Do you think that if any of the tanner were to rub off it would show on the bikini? and if so you you think it would be able to come off? I love the white color so much, but don't know if its the best choice for me

    1. I definitely wouldn't advise the white colour if you get spray tans. These bikinis are pretty delicate when it comes to colour. My pink bikini has faded considerably and it has creased a lot in the bag. They're pretty high maintenance. I actually read somewhere the white neoprene can be stained by just sweat, so unfortunately, even though it's a beautiful bikini, a darker colour might be better for you!
      Hope this helped xx

  2. what size waist are you? I'm not sure what size bottoms to get.

  3. what size waist are you? I'm not sure what size bottoms to get.


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