Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LORAC PRO 2 Palette

It’s really rare that I come across a product I feel so excited about after a couple of years of makeup obsessing, but since I heard about the LORAC Pro palette over on IntheFrow (a really famous, really amazing blog!) I decided I wanted to give it a go. I’m always on the lookout for eyeshadow palettes; I much prefer them to buying single shadows because I like to take makeup around with me for touch ups and palettes are way more convenient. My ultimate favourite is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay, which I live and breathe for, but the LORAC Pro has sort of taken its place recently and I’ve been reaching for it a whole lot more.

I love the way the LORAC has a mix of neutrals and more exciting colours so you can be versatile with the shades. This is perfect for when I go away to visit friends, or even when I’m just taking my makeup bag out with me for the day and I don’t have to faff around with a load of different pans. There’s nothing bulky or heavy about the LORAC; the palette itself is so sleek and thin; there’s almost nothing of it, and it slips in my makeup bag easily. 

Aside from the fact it’s slim and minimalistic, I’m so so glad the palette didn’t come with a rubbishy eyeshadow brush. I loathe and detest makeup brushes that come with makeup because they are invariably crap and seem like a gimmick to make you want to purchase the palette in the first place. This palette is just proud to present the shades it has, and I love that.

The shades are utterly beautiful. They’re a fab mix of daytime neutrals and show stopping bolder colours. On top of this, there’s a row of matte shades and a row of shimmering shades so the looks you can create are pretty much endless. My favourite shades are Nectar (Matte), Cocoa (Shimmer) and Rose (Shimmer), which actually go together really nicely for a pinky toned spring appropriate daytime eye. I’ve been reaching for this palette most days recently and it’s been the one I’m carting round with my in my trusty makeup bag.

Mine came from Amazon for £30. It’s well worth the dollar, if you ask me. As I said before, it’s so rare I get so hooked on a new product when I’ve got such a solid makeup collection, but thanks to Victoria’s recommendation, I’ve not a new favourite! 



  1. I still have my eyes on the original Lorac Pro palette but this one looks gorgeous! xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog

  2. I really need to try out both Lorac Pro palettes, I just wish I could get my hands on them as I live in the UK x

    1. I got mine from Amazon which shipped to the UK! It's not too hard to track down online. Don't give up!



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