Sunday, April 12, 2015

NARS Lip Pencil Swatches (Digital World Coffret)

For my fellow NARS obsessives, this one’s for you. I was so so so so so lucky to receive the NARS Digital World Coffret for Christmas from my mum which she sent me all the way from Australia! The coffret is a case of five lip pencils ranging from nude to deep vampy red, and come in either satin or matte finish. I’m so incredibly impressed with them, so I can’t really understand why it has taken me so long to organise this lip swatch blog post!
I did a review on the shades without swatching them on my lips, but I thought I’d re-review them because now I’ve had a chance to try them out properly, some things have changed and some things I still adore about these beauties. (Read the initial review here)!

I’ve got the accompanying video going live on my Youtube channel on Tuesday, so do make sure you subscribe or check back so you can see the lip swatches taking place and my live, as-it-happens review. 

Descanso is the lightest, most natural and nude-est shade among the bunch. This is a satin finish lip pencil, and I just want to say how impressed and in love I am with the application of these pencils. They’re sort of chubby sticks, and the satin finish pencils are so balmy and glide on with no effort. Descanso is a perfect everyday nude and although I find it really wearable, I tend to wear it more for casual evenings out and for work. It has OK staying power; it’s a pretty sheer shade as it is, so I do tend to need to touch it up if I can be bothered. 

Torres Del Paine
I’d describe Torres del Paine as Descanso’s slightly more tangerine cousin. It’s another nude, but with a distinct coral fluorescence about it. I had always hunted high and low for a peachier, coral nude, but since trying this on my lips, I’ve decided it doesn’t compliment my skin at all. I like the colour itself, but it really doesn’t sit well with my paler skin or my clothing, to be honest! I tend to go grunge these days, so a neon pretty peachy nude lip doesn’t quite fit in with that. Again, though, amazing to apply, stays on pretty well throughout the day and even though I wouldn’t choose it to wear, I’m happy that I got to try it out.

Yu is an extraordinarily high pigmented shocking pink, and boy do I love it. It’s such an out-there, OMG colour, and it just glides on effortlessly and makes your lips look soft and moisturised and fuller. This lip colour is definitely a show stopper. I’ve not yet worn it out in the day time, but when spring kicks into full swing I’m sure I’ll be able to rock it in the day. As for evenings, I wore it to my friend Ellie’s birthday party as the dramatic colour is absolutely great for more special occasions. 

Think MAC Morange but pure matte. I know. I’m in love too. I adore Iberico because even though it looks scary and shocking and vibrant beyond belief, it’s seriously wearable as part of a monochrome outfit. That’s what I’ve been pairing it with; just simple black and white outfits because they all tie in together to create a really interesting look with a shocking pop of colour. This is a matte pencil, so a little more pressure is needed to get the product actually onto the lips, but once it’s on, it’s staying on!

This is firmly my favourite. Cruella is a velvet matte finish in a deep berry, blood red. Again, you need to work in firmer, shorter strokes to get the product onto your lips, but it’s easy to control due to the chubby pencil style tip. The colour payoff is ridiculous, and the result is a beautiful suede looking finish. I rock this at least once a week with a cat eye, and I love the confidence which comes with a bright red lip colour.

Overall, a really valuable addition to my ever expanding makeup collection! I have always been a huge NARS fanatic ever since discovering the Sheer Glow Foundation (review here) and I’m always raving about the Orgasm/Laguna Duo I have. It’s great to try out these new products from such an established brand so you can use it to work out what else you might like to try. I hope you liked my swatch pictures! 


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