Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kiko Lipsticks Review

As much as I love branching away from my ‘comfort brands’ (as I like to call them) to try new things, there’s always a risk you’ll end up splashing your cash on something completely rubbish. I have, unfortunately, splashed my cash on something I completely can’t get on with. I’m so disappointed!

I’ve wanted to try KIKO lipsticks for a while, having seen some of my favourite YouTubers with their products and knowing they’re really affordable. While I was in Italy at the end of summer with my dad, I decided to grab a couple of lipsticks. Actually, I was looking for a Velvet Teddy dupe, or something similar at least because the MAC in Verona had sold out! I ended up with the Intensely Lavish Lipstick in 02 and the Luscious Cream Lipstick in 506.

First of all, I don’t like that the lipsticks don’t have names. I know it might seem a bit trivial (and I suppose it is!) but I find it easier to remember names of shades if they’ve got quirky or memorable names, rather than numbers. Secondly, the packaging for the Luscious Cream lipstick was at first “so cool!” and “futuristic!”, now it’s a pain and I can’t ever seem to work it out. It also doesn’t fit in my acrylic lipstick holder *angry face*.

As I said, I was looking for a shade similar to MAC’s Velvet Teddy (something I’ve still been unable to track down (Bristol Debenhams I’m coming for you!)) and the sales assistant pointed me towards these two. I suppose they are similar; warm beigey nudes. The Luscious Cream 506 is almost spot on when tested on the back of my hand, but there’s definitely something missing when I apply it to my lips. It’s almost like MAC Myth on my lips; far too beige and pale. As for the Intensely Lavish 02, which is much darker, rosier and just nothing like the shade I was looking for, and I don’t like this one either. At least with the Luscious Cream the texture was lovely and plumped my lips; unfortunately with the Intensely Lavish it goes on quite crayon-y and needs a few coats to look even.

At £6.90 each, they’re extremely affordable. KIKO also has a vast range of lip colours, even black (squealing with excitement), so despite the fact I couldn’t find what I wanted on this expedition to their store, they might deliver better next time. I’m disappointed at the moment, but I know my order was tall (a £7.00 version of Velvet Teddy by MAC? Come on). I’m not writing KIKO off quite yet, but for now, these lipsticks are a firm thumbs down.

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