Wednesday, October 14, 2015

MAC Aumtumn/Winter Brights Lipstick Picks

A/W is without a doubt my favourite season. There’s something so lovely about wrapping up warm, seeing your breath, sipping coffees and long, dark evenings. As with all things, there are negatives that come along with it. Looking a bit dull, dry and numb come with the territory of cold weather, so I wanted to shortlist my favourite MAC lipsticks to help perk up your winter complexions.

Crème Cup
Always top of any MAC list I make, Crème Cup is a well-loved and well-worn lipstick. I love it because it’s effortlessly pretty and pink without being too in-your-face and bright. It’s such a creamy lipstick that’ll make you look a whole lot brighter and warmer during the colder months.

Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom is a frosty, mild peach toned lipstick with hints of shimmer. This means it’s incredible for those cooler months because it’ll add a bit of that springtime peachiness to your makeup. This is also one of my go-to every day lip colours because it’s so subtle but adds a warm flush of colour. Also, this is a perfect one if you get ill! It can revive your complexion and breathe some colour back into your skin.

I couldn’t help but add the vibrant Flamingo into this list. I think it was a limited edition shade, but even so, if it’s in your collection you should definitely break the rules and wear it this A/W. The neon orange-toned pink is beautiful, and I think it is complimented by the amber sunsets and golden leaves of autumn. Though it is traditionally a summer shade, I’m going to pair it with a warm brown smoky eye with winged liner for some really pretty evening makeup.

Okay, so Faux may not be classed as a ‘bright’, but there’s no way I’m leaving it out of my A/W lipstick picks. This is currently my every day lipstick because, try as I might, I can’t fall out of love with the 90’s lip. It’s a muted mauve-pink and quite a dark nudey shade on my pale skin. It’s utterly beautiful though, perfect for any month (in my opinion) and will bring a rosy flush of prettiness to any face.

Russian Red
All hail Russian Red! I just can’t get over how beautiful this vivid red is. I didn’t get to wear it this summer much because I felt like it was too cool toned to look ‘right’. However, now the days are getting cooler and the sky is getting greyer, I feel like Russian Red will add a splash of bloody beauty to the dull days of October and November.

Did you agree with my list? I love the traditional berry reds and purples for autumn/winter, but I can’t resist wanting to warm myself up a little too!

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  1. i'm starting to become obsessed with their lipsticks, faux looks lovely :)

    danielle | avec danielle


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