Sunday, October 18, 2015

Make Up Store Blush in Touch Of Peach

Make Up Store is one of the lesser-mentioned beauty brands amongst the bloggersphere, and I feel like it is a bit of an unsung hero. I did a Make Up Store haul last winter when I discovered their products were being sold on BeautyBay (Link). Unfortunately, they don’t have a great website of their own, and with minimal stores around the UK (I think the only one is in London), it makes it hard to choose shades properly and you can feel a little bit blind to what you’re purchasing. This blush by Make Up Store was one I had my eye on for a while, so when I got it, I was really happy. It’s probably my favourite thing from the haul I did! So, without further ado, here’s my full review on the beautiful Touch Of Peach blush by Make Up Store!

For £15 I treated myself to this beauty. It’s the same size and in the same compact as the Make Up Store Microshadows, so actually sort of small for a blush. It’s a really pretty colour, though, and absolutely perfect on my paler skin. It adds a warm sheen of colour onto my cheekbones, which is why I’m adoring it this A/W. Though it is called ‘Touch Of Peach’, it actually has more of a pink overtone, meaning you don’t look too strange and orangey if that’s not your thing.

The powder is really smooth and finely milled, so sweeping it over my cheekbones using my Real Techniques Duo Fiber brushes is easy. On top of this, it’s been my go-to blush for a good long while now, and it seems to be lasting brilliantly. It’s a buildable shade; you can go for a really subtle wash of warmth or build it to become a bit more vibrant, depending on what you’re after. Personally, I like it as a winter blush because it makes me look understatedly flushed when my skin is looking a bit pale and otherwise dimensionless.

It fast became a favourite of mine due to it’s pretty, feminine shade of warm pink and it’s brilliant longevity. It’s lasting fantastically, and for the price (and the fact I couldn’t try it out before I bought it) I’m super duper happy with my purchase. The only thing I’ve got to say that is negative is that I snapped the lid off the compact last week. I managed to clip it back into place but it’s a little wobbly now. If you end up purchasing this blush, then do be careful of the compacts they come in! They’re only quite cheap and therefore delicate plastic containers.

Have you ever tried any of Make Up Store’s products? What are your favourites?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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