Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Life | ZSL London Zoo Trip

There are few things I love more than heading out into the city for a romantic date day with my lovely other half Chris! Given that we’re long distance and have both started university this year, it’s important that we don’t fall into the routine of just watching movies all day when we’re together; we’ve got to do exciting things and make some memories to make things easier while we’re far apart. So we decided to go to London Zoo for the day on Saturday 3rd October!

I absolutely adore animals and Chris does too, so it was perfect for us. We got the tube to Camden Town and walked from there. It’s actually surprisingly good value for money (£24 each for concessions), it sounds expensive but for the amount you see and the hours you can spend in there, it’s fantastic! We went into the Lemur enclosure where the lemurs are roaming free around you and eating pieces of lettuce, and then to the giraffes, african hunting dogs, the timones and pumbas, and of course the penguins. Chris went into the butterfly ‘paradise’ (I scoffed at their choice of name) while I cowered outside.

On the way home we got a pizza and a kebab, then cuddled up to watch a Walking Dead before I got the bus back home to Bristol!

Have any of you visited London Zoo? What were your favourite things to see there?

Lots of love,



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